Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Pictures or...I really SUCKED with the camera this year!

So shoot me. I had a head cold - my nose was running, eyes were watery, my cough was ugly. I wasn't in the mood to do anything. We spent the evening putting together "santa gifts" and I took a couple of benadryl to stop the runny nose/watery eyes thing. I was still pretty loopy when 7:30 a.m. came and Hannah got up.

Scotty was still sleeping, so we let Hannah break into her stocking. Of course, all the pictures I took then have her looking down. yay.

We had breakfast - got Scotty up. He was enthralled by the Geotrax City train that Santa left. Didn't want anything to eat. Barely coaxed him into drinking a cup of milk.

We started with the presents. We had A LOT. So, this time, I gave each kid one, wrote down who sent it, and what it was. Last year, I was quite remiss in sending Thank You's out, mostly because I had NO clue who sent what. We'd given each kid their pile of loot and let them at it. Not this year.

So I was busy writing, and didn't get as many pictures as I wanted. Hannah was all over the presents. Loved them all, wanted to open everything. Made her stop for a few photos.

Scotty - he just wanted to play with the train. So we coaxed him into opening a few more gifts. He was cute, opening clothing and saying, "ooooh, MY clothes!" and hugging them. The train was left by the wayside when he opened the Home Depot kids' tool set - 50 pieces of noise-making, banging, sawing measuring, screwing FUN! He loves this thing - thanks to Aunties Sue and Donna for making a boy out of him!!!

Today, 2 days after Christmas, there is still one gift left to open. With all the things going on, and me being crabbily sick on Christmas day, we decided to postpone opening it till later that day, which got pushed to "tomorrow". Well, tomorrow (yesterday) dawned with a sick little boy who was running a fever all day, listless and cuddly, crabby and cranky. We held out for one more day. This afternoon, we will open "the big box" and I'm sure it will be a MEGA hit (according to sources (a.k.a Sue) it's the Cranium Mega Fort!

So - here are a few pictures taken Christmas morning, sorry there's nothing better!


CopterDrsWife said...

The photos say a lot... but they can never say Everything... Your words and memories are what matters and you've done a great job capturing it all right here.
Hope you're feeling better soon!
Happy New Year!

SB said...

you di dnot suck. You took a few, and that is plenty. I took ONE. Greg took the rest.

Is that a DoodleBear I saw? Santa delivered one of those here, too.

rennratt said...

You get a pass for being sick.

At least you TOOK pictures!

I simply, uh, forgot.

No DoodleBear landed here, but Nooze DID land a pair of Moon Shoes.

Sue said...

Heck, I tried to get pics the ones you did get - I can imagine with all the loot it was hard to keep up :)

Claire said...

Colds always hit at the wrong times! I would say those are great photo's, I don't think we've ever taken photo's while opening gifts!

Berry Patch said...

You look like you have a diva in the making. Love that last picture of Hannah. :-)

Carmi said...

At least the Wiggles were able to make it.

Glad to see you all had a wonderful Christmas morning. I love the sentiment surrounding that special time: it's the one thing I miss in not celebrating the holiday. There's nothing that says family more than gathering around on Christmas morning.

I wish you nothing but health in the new year. And a lot of crossed electrons via our blogs. I'm glad I was able to cross your online path in '06!