Wednesday, January 03, 2007

snow critters, forts and a train engineer

Things have been a blast here for winter vacation (NOT!). It's hard to entertain the kids for a long period of time. Even though Hannah's only on 1/2 day kindergarten, it's still a relief when she's gone, and I can focus on Scotty for a bit.

But we played...indeed we did. Scotty played train engineer, in the cute outfit Sue and Donna got's too much fun, with a real working clock!

We finally got around to opening the Cranium Mega Fort - check out the face that Scotty made as they opened it!

We have built a dozen versions of forts - this is an AWESOME toy - the kids have had a lot of fun with it.

We spent the afternoon with friends on New Year's Day. It snowed all day long on New Year's Eve, so they got to play in the snow a bit. I ended up making snow critters for the kids. I made a bunny for Scotty and Hannah, a duck for Hannah, a kitty for Ashlyn and another mini duck for Scotty. Sandra contributed a snow dog for Ashlyn. We tried to keep them from mangling the critters too much, but they had a lot of fun. The critters were very accomodating and posed for pictures, too.

The snow is mostly gone now. Oh well, I'm sure it will snow again!

Here are my cuties in the snow. (Christy, the house on the left in the background of Scotty's picture is Sandra's house!)


Sue said...

Oh, is he ever cute in that outfit -- D will be thrilled :) Love the outdoor pics as well since here in the northeast we have seen NO snow, zero, zip!!!

V said...

I'm so jealous you have snow!!! And i can't believe I'm saying that!!!

My email addy is

Sorry I've been such a slacker! I need my laptop cord back, HOLY CRAP!!!

Count down - 9 days right?!?!

Berry Patch said...

Cool snow critters! Now why have I NEVER thought of doing this before!?!?! It appears that my two youngest would absolutely love visiting your place. They are train nuts. I have trains coming out my ears here! Oh & I get to break up "train fights" every day! Aren't I lucky!!! LOL

Carmi said...

Cranium makes the best games on the planet, bar none. My kids are addicted to anything the company makes.

You had snow. Lucky you! Love the glimpses into a magical world of family.