Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Recovery time

Well, it's been brought to my attention that many people didn't know I was having surgery last week. My wonderful sister posted a comment on my last post JUST IN CASE some of you decided to read them.

so, anyway. Last Tuesday, I had a hysterectomy. I'm glad it's done with. No, I don't feel strange, I don't miss it, I still feel whole and I still feel like a woman. Gone will be the myriad issues I had with this. I won't expound, but suffice it to say if you want to read what it's been like go to Beauty and the Beer and read Laurie's's like a page ripped from my life on THAT front!

So, I've been home for several days now. I've gotten some wonderful blessings from people. My mother-in-law sent a beautiful card and then a few days later, I also got a fruit basket (and it is SO cute!). My husband and kids had a wonderful banner waiting for me, along with a clean house and a bouquet of flowers. Aunt Alice Kay sent me some wonderful products from her store, Key West Aloe, in Ft. Lauderdale - my favorite fragrance, too. Aunt Carolyn sent me an angel pin in my birthstone. (these are Scott's aunts). I got two wonderful books from my sister-in-law Laurie: The Big Picture, and Cardmaking for Scrapbookers. A total scrapbooker's dream.

I've gotten well wishes from many people, and want to thank all of you for keeping me in your prayers. I truly believe that all those prayers and my positive attitude is attributing to my quick healing.

It's a slow recovery. I still tire easily, and I'm trying to be "superwoman" and not take pain medications (the narcotic ones) unless I REALLY need it (usually at night). But I still know when I've over done it, so I'm taking it easy.

My next-door-neighbor, Lori, brought a meal over when I was in the hospital. Today, Hannah's Kindergarten teacher brought us something. Tomorrow, my friend Sandra will bring a meal, and two of the parents of Hannah's good friends will be bringing us meals as well. I feel blessed that these people, who barely know me, have such wonderful hearts.

anyway - if you had been wondering where I was, that's the story. Once I can spend more than 10 minutes at a time at the computer, I'll be a posting fool...lots of pictures, stories and things to share!


Sue said...

Glad to see you back up and blogging a little :) -- you have been missed!!! Even KNOWING that you were having surgery, I checked your blog each day LOL

V said...

I'll be talking to you soon! I have lots of questions!!! I'm so glad you are feeling better! One week until I can join the club!! :)

Christy said...

Glad you're on the way to healing. My mom had her hysterectomy 8 yrs ago, she was off work for 6 weeks with strict orders for the first two weeks to do absolutely nothing. It was hard, because that's the absolute opposite of my mother, she's the most anal person I know when it comes to well about everything, she drives me nuts, but anyways she didn't cook, clean, nothing for those 2 weeks and then started to slowly start doing things again and she healed up without any complications. Her best friend had one a year or so later and started doing things before that two weeks was up and she had a lot of don't do too much. Just take care of your body and let it heal. The cleaning will get done along with everything else!

God Bless

rennratt said...

I'll try to catch up with you this weekend.

Rest all you can now.

We'll be here!

Sue said...

BTW -- who is singing that song in your sidebar?

SB said...

I prayed for you every day.


You were missed.

Carmi said...

I'm so glad you're well on your way to a full recovery, Linda. I remember when my Mom had hers: I was 17 years-old and interning in a radio station newsroom. I spent my first day there writing copy on yellow paper, then ran to the hospital to be with her. It was an interesting time.

May you always be on the happy side of health.

indigo said...

Hope you're recovering well. Remember to stay off your feet and rest. And in a short time, you'll be up and about as usual. Just keep 21 July in your
HAVE to be well for when Harry Potter's last book comes out.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll come by more often. :-)