Wednesday, January 10, 2007

sorry folks!

Due to some coding issues, I had to return to my original template. I really wanted to keep the pretty sunflowers, but there are some problems with the commenting part, so I'm going to do a line by line comparison of the coding and see if I can't FIX it.

That's what I get for using free templates, I guess.

We now return you to your original programming...please comment as you had planned. Thankyouverymuch for your patience...and thanks, Sue for bring this to my attention!


V said...

OMG!! How did your surgery go????

I want your address woman! I'm sure you are in the hospital right now so when you are able, SEND IT TO ME!!!

vweir30 @

Sue said...

Linda will be back in a few days hopefully. Her surgery went well. I will be speaking to her today and will forward any comments :