Thursday, March 22, 2007

Being cute is hard work!

As you can see from the posts below, Scotty's been the subject of my camera lately. With spring break here, Hannah's been at "Art Class" all week in the afternoons, and I get to spend time with Scotty (as we always do). He goes 100 MPH from the moment he wakes up till it's bedtime, with very few breaks in between. He wears me out just THINKING about all he does, yet I have to keep up with him!

Between being cute, pouting, running around, throwing tantrums, throwing TOYS, playing trains, trucks, cars and other things, sometimes a kid can get run down. He doesn't like to take a nap anymore...he doesn't like to rest. And should he, by some miracle, actually fall asleep, he refuses to admit to this fact. So my camera must capture the truth, the evidence to be presented.

He sleeps with his eyes slightly open - you can
see a glint of eye here...sometimes they are
even MORE open - rather scary!!!!

But still - isn't he CUTE?????

1 comment:

Sue said...

He is US!! we never wanted to admit we were tired -- I STILL never want to admit -- "just resting my eyes" -- I am watching the back of my eyelids :)