Thursday, March 22, 2007

200 posts!!!! I'm having a party!!!!


I've made it to 200! I can not believe it! I never thought I would manage to keep up this blog, much less make it beyond 100 posts, but here I am at 200, a solid member of the blogging community, linked at several blogs (I love when people find me interesting enough to add me to their blogrolls!). I have SO enjoyed sharing my life with all of my friends, both new and old, and have discovered this is a great way to keep my family (those who are internet connected, anyway) updated on all that goes on here in Kansas.

Shout out to: Sue, Donna, Laurie B. and the girls, Alex, Lauren and Jenna, Mum (Linda), Alice Kay, Barbaralee, Suzanne...I KNOW you read regularly (Okay...the last 2 ladies are not my blood family, but they are my sisters, through and through).

So - on to the party - let's celebrate, shall we?

My first post - February 3, 2005
I posted again in March of 2005, then nothing till July 2005, all about our move to Germany.
Only 2 posts there....but I got better, I did! December 2005 was the month I REALLY started blogging on a regular basis - of course, it helped that I had a computer (see the only September entry for the reason why...this same reason earned me an award at SpouseBUZZ for my horrid experience with military moving.

It's been fun - I love posting pictures and stories about my life. And so, with post 200, I realize that this is my open diary, the place where I will find journalling for my scrapbooks...the place where my kids will find stories about their lives when they are old enough to find my blog. They'll be embarrassed, to be certain, but they'll love looking back...and reaching forward.


SB said...

and we all love reading the tales of Linda!

Sue said...

Wahoo sunshine -- hey it certainly has been a great way to keep in touch with my family :)