Thursday, March 29, 2007


We FINALLY got Hannah's class picture. I expected it to come with her school pictures back in October...they said it would be a few weeks later. Then, I noticed a few things the kids did with their pictures (teeny tiny ones) so I figured the teacher had kept everyone's pictures to use them with these projects (a Christmas ornament was one of them).

But today Hannah brought class picture home. How different from the ones we used to get. Much prettier!

Click on picture for a larger view.

I like how they put the student's picture larger than all the others.

The first friend Hannah made was Jodi (third row, first picture, white shirt). She and Jodi aren't quite so close now, but they are still friends and have occasional playdates. Her best friend is Katy (Kaitlyn). She and Katy are 2 peas in a pod. They are lots of fun! They do get each other into trouble at school sometimes (talkity-talk, talk, talk!). Mrs. Hendricks, Hannah's teacher, is wonderful. She has good control of her class at all times, yet she treats the kids very well and makes them all feel important. TJ (thomas) and Nathan are the trouble makers...but they are all such cute kids. Tatum recently moved onto post, so she left the class, but they got a new boy in class recently.

I can't believe that the school year will be over soon. What an amazing ride it has been!


rennratt said...

I like the way the pictures are done!

Does your school take pictures twice a year? They do at Nooze's school, and I just don't get it!

Karen said...

Awesome picture!

Boy have things changed since my day. :+)

Michele sent me over this morning.

Susan said...

SEVENTEEN KIDS? THAT'S IT? Maya has 25. I feel for her teacher each and every day - 25 kids in all-day-kindergarten....


Christy said...

That looks really cute although you may want to think about putting the kids last names on there, their parents may not like that their children's pics and last names are being put into the internet without their knowledge...just a thought!