Thursday, March 29, 2007

keyword searching...

It's no secret, I run a stat tracker on my blog. I like to see where folks are coming from, how many people visit my blog, etc, etc. The program I use is great, it gives a lot of detail.

My favorite feature is the Keyword Activity. Most of the times, the keywords that pull my blog up are pretty innocuous. This week, I saw some pretty interesting searches:

worried paying bills
cantilevered flagpole at macdonald house
i sunny side up baby easy birth
aldi high speed video copy
scrapbooking store
macdonald miller pictures
it's gonna be the very best christmas we've ever seen around here
macdonald clan battle cry
opthamologist manhattan, ks
recovery from hysterectomy time off work

Okay, like I said, some are pretty normal...but cantilevered flagpole at macdonald house? i sunny side up baby easy birth?

I know about the other stuff...I got a comment from the person who searched "it's gonna be the very best Christmas...." which comes from A King Is Coming, the Christmas musical Hannah was in...but I have to wonder about a cantilevered flagpole....I just don't get it!

don't forget to look a few posts down and participate in my "contest" about scrapbook paper, if you're a scrapbooker!!!!

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SB said...

I would be SCARED to see how people got to my blog.