Thursday, March 22, 2007

The middle of the road...

I've seen a lot of things in the middle of the road in my time. Georgia, Atlanta in particular, was famous for the ubiquitous ladder in the road. Apparently they didn't believe in tying them down very often. Mattresses ran a close second on the interstates of Atlanta. I've seen shoes, shirts, garbage bags, pieces of furniture.

I've seen pretty much anything you could imagine. Until today.

I saw a BRA. Yup. A black bra...underwire style, rather large in size. Now, I did not STOP to look at this wonder in the road. But women know bra styles, so don't think I'm weird. It wasn't a dainty little lace was a solid, sturdy, 'mama's mamms need SUPPORT' type. If I had my camera, I would have taken a picture. It would have been a good Wordless Wednesday picture...or perhaps a good "caption this" shot.

I just can't imagine how it got there. It was on the curve in front of the West campus of the High School (yes, instead of having two different names, they just have West/East campuses here). So I got to wondering about what could have led to the demise of this particular bra.

Was it shed in the heat of passion, only to be interrupted by the law, causing it to be flung out the window as the participants of the passion beat a hasty retreat?

Perhaps some woman was driving down the street and felt it was time to liberate her "girls" and whipped off her bra in celebration.

Maybe some young boy stole it from his mother's drawer and it fell out of his backpack, never to be seen by his buddies.

I don't know...maybe you can come up with a story for the black bra.


Shephard said...

Michele's seems kinda quiet... so I thought I'd visit you even without a formal "Michele sent me." :)

Liked the music.
The Bra baffles me. Small white bras maybe, but a large black one? Oops, dropped my bra? I bet you're right. I bet it has stories.

Star said...

How intriguing. It probably just fell out of someones laundry going to and from the laundromat. But all of your scenerios sounded better.

rennratt said...


I've gotten pretty close to that myself. I just tore the wires out of the bra instead.

Mr. Althouse said...

Perhaps it was on its way to be recycled when it blew right out of the bra-recycler's truck.

It could happen...

Michele sent me,


Karen said...

Maybe kids threw it out the back of the car or maybe, or maybe... hmmmmmm! {grin}

Here via Michele's tonight.

rosemary said...

Thanks for visiting...a black bra, huh? Well, we women who are well endowed can manage to take our bras off witghout unsnapping them sometimes and maybe this particular bra was in the process of being removed in a car for comfort and became a slingshot by accident! I always wondered about the one shoe in the road.

Begered said...

Hey...thanks for finding my bra! I was wondering where that thing went. Must have came loose while I was speeding through in a convertable! ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

Sue said...

Damn, I wondered where my bra went -- no matter how I try them DD's can't be dainty :)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Thanks for visiting West of Mars, Linda!

As for the bra... I think that someone had taken it off and was going to throw it onstage at her favorite singer. The singer, used to the small, lacy ones and wowed by the size of this one, let his road crew check it out and a roadie lost it when he opened the window on the tour bus to vent some smoke.

What do you think?

Becky68 said...

Too funny, including the comments, I know what you mean about seeing weird things in the middle of the road, our last dog was a puppy someone rescued from the median strip of a nearby interstate highway, the guy who rescued her had 4 dogs already & we took her off his hands.
Here from Micheles today.

Vid Digger said...

Maybe she got pulled over, so to avoid a traffic ticket she released her babies, then was taken away by officer Megan without a chance to claim her bra.