Thursday, March 22, 2007

ONE MORE for today...a CONTEST!!!!

Let's celebrate my 200th post, shall we????

Last night, I was putting away my my scrapping supplies and decided that I had a LOT of 12x12 paper. How much? Well I wanted to measure it. I pulled it all was in many different locations: my XXL tote, on my desk, in the 12 x 12 paper cubby. I have "collection" books (with an average of 150 sheets or more in each pad), paper packs, solid cardstock, patterned paper. It was ridiculous. I didn't think I had THAT much. I stacked it all up. I measured it. I have a PERFECT cube of paper - 12 inches tall! (granted, I should probably remove about 1/8 inch for the cardboard covers on the pads).

So, the contest is this: Stack your paper...all the same size, please. If you prefer 12x12, use that, if you do 8.5x11, do that...if you do BOTH, make 2 stacks! And then, email me a picture of your stack, with the ruler showing your stack height. Got more than a foot? Use a measuring tape!

What can be included?
Paper packs (allow for the covers and backings, please)
loose papers in full sheets. If a small corner (less than 1/16" of the sheet - like you cut out a letter or something) is missing, you can use it in the stack
vellum paper
specialty paper (mulberry, stitched, etc)
packaged paper (can stay in package, but if it has a cardboard insert, please remove)

Do not include page kits (unless you remove the paper from the kit), album refill pages, album inserts, or "designed" pages, like pages with frames prestitched on them).

If it's paper, it can go into the pile. Be honest, please!!!! Email me the picture at fifenhorn at gmail dot com (you know how to format it correctly, c'mon! I get enough spam as it is - read my post down below!!!). I will give a week for people to get their pictures to me. Pass this along to the scrapbookers you know - I would like to see this be a big contest.

The prize? Well, one of the things included is a PC Silent Setter.
Brand new, still in package.

I will be including some other things as well; a stamp set, some embellishments, other things. I haven't quite put it all together yet, but when I do, I'll post a picture of the whole shebang.

Now get measuring, and email those pictures!!!!


SB said...

I won't play but what a super cool idea. I have FAR TOO paper . I need PCA (Paper Collector Anonymous). I measured once, all of my 12x12 nad 8.5 xx and it was combined over 6 feet high (and I left stuff out)...

PCA here I come.

Sue said...

I certainly won't play since it would be a stacked deck and I would most certainly win -- I just gave away TWO feet of paper so you can just imagine what I have kept!!! PLUS I have what (6) more basic grey sets coming.......would not be fair at all....Suzanne and I should be charter members of PCA

Sheri said...


I'll play, why not! I'm quite curious as too how much paper I might have. Mine is also in many different locations. So off to find paper I go! What fun! Maybe I can get a bit organized while I'm at it! LOL

Berry Patch said...

You know, I was going to say I wasn't going to play either. After all, I just sold 8.5 pounds of patterned paper to K. Yup, you read that right! I have only kept solid paper. But you know what, my Joann's Paper Taker is FULL as is my rolling cart. Just paper. Hmmm, how much did I really keep???? Not counting all my page kits....I'll put this on my "to do" list after all.

Cheri said...

Ok I will play, not sure how well I will do after reading the other posts lol but I will measure and see. This should be fun.

V said...

I know for a FACT I don't have that much but now I feel better because I worried I had way too much. now I can buy more without the worry!! LOL!!

Connie Gage said...

It sounds like a lot of fun, I'll have to stack my paper and see what I have. I doubt as much as you have tho. haha. I use both 12x12 and the other size too.


CAKVD said...

What a neat contest. I don't have a whole lot of paper because I just started buying paper packs. Before that, I'd only buy the paper that I knew was going straight into the scrapbook. But I'll measure mine and see what I've got!
Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

archshrk said...

I'm totally going to get my wife and her friends to do this. not for the prizes (which I'm sure are nice) but simply for the challenge and fun of it.

Also, thanks for visiting earlier.