Monday, March 12, 2007


Sorry about not posting anything at all has been a bit crazy. On Thursday, I hurt my least, I THOUGHT I hurt my back. It felt like someone was stabbing me from INSIDE, on the lower left side. I figured it was because I had reached behind the couch to get one of Scotty's toys. That's somewhere around the time it started hurting.

It was AWFUL, too. I could barely move. I had just enough strength to get Hannah on the bus for school. I called Scott at work and asked him to come home ASAP, as I didn't think I could do anything at all. I was FINALLY at the point where I could lift Scotty again after surgery. And then this. Scott came home as soon as he could. I was flat on my back in bed. I could NOT move.

Sleep was not happening, either. The following morning, I could still barely move, so I called for a same day appointment. Luckily, I got one...if you're not the first person on the line when they open the appointment lines, you won't get one! So Scott took me (and the kids) to the clinic, since I couldn't drive. Every time the muscles in my back would spasm (and it was OFTEN, believe me), I couldn't just knocked me off my feet!

The doctor was pretty good, asked a lot of questions, checked my back, etc. He prescribed some Naproxen, a muscle relaxer, and rest. As a precaution, he decided to do a urine sample, JUST IN CASE it was my kidneys. There was a potential for infection since I'd had a catheter during surgery. I was pretty sure it wasn't kidney, since it had been SEVEN weeks since surgery. Wouldn't an infection have manifested itself earlier? Wouldn't there have been other signs, like a UTI? But, I'm all about "on the safe side" so I went ahead and gave a sample. Scott picked up my meds while I was at the lab, and we went back home for yet another day flat on my back.

On Saturday, I felt a little bit better...enough to be able to sit at the table and eat breakfast without the stab-fest in my back. At 8:00 a.m., the phone rings. Who the heck calls that early??? Well, it was the doc. He said, "I know why your back is really hurting. Your sample looked like crap!". Apparently, I DO have a kidney infection. Go figure. So he called in antibiotics. He said the muscles are still having problems, since they were probably spasming in response to the kidney issue.

So I am on all sorts of meds, too many pills to keep track of, but today is the first day I could get out of bed without feeling like I was being kicked or stabbed. Today, it feels only like someone is dancing a slow waltz in there.

Scotty just informed me:

I got my nock-u-wars. I yook in my nock-u-wars to find bad guys. You see my nock-u-wars?

In case you're wondering, those are binoculars he is talking about. funny kid!


Sue said...

You poor thing -- but glad they figured it out and you are on the mend. My Scotty -- soooooo cute :)

Christy said...

Oh man ouch, UTI are painful enough, but an actual kidney infection. :( I hope the meds kick in fast and make you feel 100% soon.

God Bless

Laura said...

Wow, I've never had a kidney infection and hope I never get one, either. That sounds painnnnnnful!
I hope the meds kicked in soon. Are you feeling better these days?

stefanie said...

Kidney stuff is the worst! So so sorry to hear you're feeling so yucky. Hope your meds kick in quickly and you're able to get some decent rest!
Your little guy is adorable!
Take care.