Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to YOU, Sue!

Happy Birthday, Susan!!!!

Today is my sister's 42nd birthday. I can't believe it. Doesn't seem logical that she should be 42. She's young, vibrant, full of life...she's crafty, talented, smart...and she doesn't LOOK 42....

My sister and I have had rough times. We were very competitive as kids. We're fairly close in age...less than 2 years apart. For some God forsaken reason, my mother insisted on keeping her hair short. But she was OH SO CUTE (I swear, when Scotty was born, he looked JUST like Susan's baby pictures!).

Don't YOU think they look the same?

As we grew older, we were typical siblings, always fighting and arguing. We went through hell with our family. She graduated 2 years before me, and off she went to college and a new life for herself. She struggled, but inevitably, she made it. I never doubted she would.

She and I had a seriously rough patch back in the late 90's. We didn't talk for a long time. I felt it better that way. I'm sure she did too. But we managed to patch things up and get closer, and ever since then, we've been wonderful friends. I love her to death. I realize that she's has as tough a life as me. She, like me, looks for the bright side and tries to keep life going.

She's brought joy into my life. She started me on the obsessive hobby of scrapbooking, which evolved into stamping and cardmaking. She's my biggest cheerleader when I need a boost. She loves my kids without question. She spoils me. And you know what? I LOVE her for it. For all she's done, for all she's yet to do, she will always be my sister. And I thank God that I got SUE for my sister....I could not have chosen any better.

Happy Birthday, Sue-baru...from your little sis, Da-da!

Picture taken on Susan's 40th Birthday.


Sue said...

OMG -- you certainly know how to bring a girl to tears don't cha? I am bawling and am so glad that I decided not to wear makeup today :)

Thank you :) -- I love you too!!

Butterfly Wife said...

So sweet! Sisters rule!

Sue said...

Hey, where did Christies comments about the hair pulling go? That was funny stuff :)

Berry Patch said...

What a wonderful tribute to you sister, Linda. It made me teary just reading it & thinking of my sis!!! :-) Lisa

Carmi said...

You are such a cool sister, Linda. Would you also be MY sister? I promise you I'll be a great sibling.


Sue said...

Ya know Carmi, we always wanted a brother :) -- works for me!!!