Friday, April 13, 2007

Last Call for contest entries!

Remember awhile back, when I hit my 200th post? I decided to hold a CONTEST.

Go back and read the post and send me your photos at fifenhorn at gmail dot com. I will continue to receive pictures until Sunday and announce a winner on Monday morning. So far, I've only received pictures from a few people, though many showed interest. The prize is not only the Silent Setter, but lots of other little goodies from my stash, so get measuring and send me those pictures!!!!


The Therapist said...

Ooh a contest! If I could find a camera, I would play, because I am a paper freak. Although, I almost never use it, I sure buy a lot of itw

CAKVD said...

Hey Linda,
I sent you my pics a few weeks ago. I hope you got them. Thanks!
Cheryl KVD

Christy said...

Oh I totally forgot and am about to go to bed. I'll try to remember in the morning, if it's too late then it means someone else was meant to win obviously!!