Saturday, May 26, 2007

5 places I love to eat...

I was tagged by Military Mommy on my top five places to eat at my CURRENT location. This kind of stinks, because one of my all time favorite places is her #1...but I don't have it here....waaaaah!!!

So - here are mine:

List out your top 5 favorite places to eat at your current location.

1. Sonic - yes, Suzanne, I am doing this just to torture you (JUST KIDDING!!!). I LOVE this place, even though they no longer serve the shake that reeled me in, hook, line, and sinker (that would be the chocolate-covered cherry shake). But c''s a drive-in (or thru, whatever floats your boat). The servers wear roller skates (most do, anyway). They have awesome stuff (I totally adore their chili-frito wrap!). The kids aren't too keen on it, but they don't mind it once in awhile, which is a good thing, for I'd be a blubberifous whale by now!

2. Los Cazador - Christy, I'm sure you remember this place, lol! This is sort of a local chain Mexican food restaurant. Christy at My Three Gifts who was my good friend in Bamberg and had lived here before, tells a story of how the place got raided for illegals once...but it might have been the JC restaurant. In any reminds me of my favorite restaurant in Augusta, GA, called Mi Rancho. They make their cheese quesadillas just like Hannah likes...they have a "to die for" quesadilla that rivals Mi Rancho's "Quesadilla Espescialle". And the kids love it there...oh...and best of all? SMOKE-FREE, which is something that not everyone in this town appreciates.

3. China Buffet - or something like that...they've changed the name a few might be Bamboo Garden or who knows....but they have a FANTASTIC Chinese buffet. They have Bubble-eye goldfish in their tank (along with fantail, bubble brain and some angel fish) that can entertain the kids endlessly. Hannah is always up for going to this place. Scotty loves the red jello (that's about all he'll eat sometimes!). I can get good crab hey, I'm happy.

4. Gambino's Pizza
- okay - not a restaurant, but we have two often do we REALLY get out to eat??? But they have great pizza, awesome good deals, and they deliver for free, and are pretty quick...even if they make fun of my street name and call it's BRUSH, folks!

5. Baskin-Robbins/Dairy Queen - okay, not really for the food, but the desserts. After spending a year in Germany and having the "Baskin Robbins 6 flavors" store, it was almost overwhelming to see over 48 flavors in our local store. It's not a "Baskin Robbins/Dunkin' Donuts" (though I'd KILL for a DD in this area!!!), but a full-fledged BR! And it ties with DQ, because now DQ has the Wafflebowl sundaes, and I can get a chocolate drenched waffle bowl, with vanilla icecream, covered in the "dilly bar" chocolate that hardens up, with REAL strawberry topping...oh YUM! I am supposed to tag 5 people for this: So, I tag, Susan, Suzanne, Lisa B, Debbie, and uh...hmmm...who else....well, I'll shoot for Amy M or Charmaine....have fun, ladies!


Military Mommy said...

Oh man, Sonic. I had almost forgotten about Sonic. We don't have one here. *Sob* I love their desserts!

Thanks for playing along. :)

SB said...

I will post mine after Memorial Day. I want the post for Memorial Day to stay on the top until maybe Tuesday.
PLUS I need time to think up 5 places....

You Sonic torturer, you.........

Butterfly Wife said...

OK. Sonic is all over the place here and I have never been to one. Maybe this is a sign that I need to branch out some more, like going back to Save-a-lot! LOL!

Christy said...

I'm WAAAAAAAY behind, but just read's El Cazador's! There's also one in Topeka or there WAS..and they were ALL 3 raided (all same owner!) and they were all shut down for a while anyways! :) LOVE Sonic and would honestly kill for a Sonic Burger right now! Also DQ has the absolute BEST onion rings ever, but I know you are allergic so that's a no go for you, but mmmmm! Oh and you guys have Chad's FAVORITE pizza place..Papa John's!

Oh the Chinese Buffet, is it the one on Ft.Riley Blvd, across from Holiday Inn? That's the one we liked in Manhattan! We ate at a couple others, but their prices were the best! Oh another great place to eat is Little Apple Brewery! Great steaks!