Thursday, May 10, 2007

Three Dots

or two dots (P). :-)

Scott got selected for Chief Warrant Officer THREE! The list came out today. Looks like the majority of his class, all in the same date of rank, that is, got picked up. We are thrilled! In the Army, being a CW3 means that you are a "senior" warrant officer...a lot more credibility, more respect, and of course more pay. We figure that it will be 6 months or more before he officially pins on, based on his sequence number.

And congratulations go out to Suzanne's husband Greg, who is now a three-dot (P) or four dots...Greg was also picked up for promotion - to Chief Warrant Officer FOUR.


Bob-kat said...

Congratulations to him! More pay is never a bad thing, but the status must be nice too :)

Glad you stopped by my blog!

Military Mommy said...

Yeah! Congrats to Scott and your family! That's great news! :) ((Hugs))

Your comment at my blog made me giggle. Especially about your husbands musical background. :)

And, um, if you move out to CA will you make me one of your yummy b'day cakes? It sounds A-MAZ-Ing!!!

SB said...

HOOAH to our fine men.

hanulf said...

Congrats on hubby! And thanks for stopping by... left you a comment back about how I got the kitties... funny story :)

Carmi said...

I am so thrilled for you! Moments like this represent wonderful validations of everything we do to push the state of the career art.

May you both have many more milestones like this in your future.

BTW, I absolutely LOVE the music video player on your site. I'm still in China, and having it pop up and fill my hotel room with beautiful tunes was an unexpected joy. I'm going to keep it on while I get ready to meet my plane...a little piece of home from a faraway friend. Thanks!

rennratt said...

That is AWESOME!