Thursday, June 28, 2007

SO not expected!!!

Hannah has had a wiggly tooth for several weeks. It's the top left (when facing her). She's been "working it" for awhile.

So, tonight at dinner, I notice that her front teeth seem more "gappy" than usual. She tells me that her OTHER tooth is loose, too. And she shows me. This tooth is more wiggly than the other one, and it is wiggly to the front...not like the other. I figure we have a few days, and it MIGHT fall out, IF she keeps working it. Otherwise, she should probably leave it alone.

I'm checking email after dinner, about an hour later. She comes up to me and says her tooth keeps "popping out" which I'm not sure what she means. She asks me to wiggle it and it is WAY looser than an hour ago! She tells me she's afraid it will fall out tonight in her sleep. Then she goes back to her room, and less than 10 minutes later she says "MOMMY! IT POPPED OUT!!!!". She apparently fell down and out it came!

I just didn't expect it, because I figured the OTHER tooth would come first. It's weird seeing her with that gap!

And of course, since I was taking a picture of Hannah, the Boo wanted HIS picture taken. He is all sweaty from having a "dance party" with Hannah!


Mr. Althouse said...

Your post has left me wondering... How much does the tooth fairy pay these days? I remember getting anywhere between 10 cents and 75 cents and I remember I gave my kids... er, I mean the tooth fairy left my kids upwards of five bucks!

Michele sent me,


'B' said...

Yeah! How much does the Fairy pay now days???
Do you have to re-mortgage the house?? lol
Here from Michele's today...

chrysalis said...

That is sooooo cute.
Hi from Michele's. Have a lovely weekend.

BreadBox said...

Hi from Michele's too. We are going to meet this situation soon, I suspect: Boo (4) thought that she had a loose tooth the other day, but it seems that it wasn't --- it was wishful thinking on her part, since her best friend (not going to be 4 until August!) has already lost two teeth!


Sue said...

Boo hoo - my babies are growing up so fast :(

Bob-kat said...

Looks like the tooth fairy will be popping by tonight :) I remember having gaps in my teeth but that was along time ago :)

She looks cute!

Michele sent me to say hello which is handy as it is about time I dropped by!