Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Primanti Bros.

As promised, the post about Primanti's (the locals prounounce it Prah-MAN-ees, no T involved!) restaurant in Pittsburgh. There's a lot of history behind the place. The food, well, it's AWESOME. They have great pizza. It's a local favorite. They support the local sports teams (Go Steelers!).

But the best thing about the place? The sammiches (sandwiches!). Here's where you can read a brief history of Primanti Brothers

This restaurant chain has been featured on the Food Channel as one of the best places for sandwiches. They tell the story as follows: Truckers used to stop in for lunch on their way in and out of the Strip District. They wanted to be able to take their meals with them, so the owner of the restaurant put the fries and coleslaw right on the sandwich.

Now - this sounds kind of disgusting at first. But listen closely, and your mouth will WATER:

My favorite sandwich is the cheesesteak.

Take a thick slice of freshly baked Italian bread, about 1 inch thick. Add a slab of meat and cheese (the meat is not a chopped thin steak, it is more like a slice of meatloaf, but it doesn't TASTE like meatloaf). Top this meat with home cut, FRESH french fries, skins still on, cut right at the restaurant. Add a large pile of the special Primanti's coleslaw, which is not a creamy, mayonnaise-based slaw, but a sweet and sour version. Add other toppings if you'd like (I stick with tomatoes, but you can put onions on too). Top all of that with yet another thick slice of Italian bread. It's not served on a plate...it is served on wax paper. This is a meal worth savoring.

The Primanti Bros. Sandwich

Halfway done - great cross-section!!!!
We took Scotty in for his very first visit to Primanti's. Hannah wanted to stay home and eat pancakes at grandma's instead. Of course I photographed him enjoying the place! Of course I will share these photos!

Daddy and Scotty - not the greatest shot of the boy, but Dad looks handsome!!!
Scotty concentrates on coloring - natural light shot!


Lori said...

Primanti's sells pizza? Who knew? It's those sammiches yunz just have to taste. It's a Burgh thing!

SB said...

I can't believe how big Scotty is getting!

Colleen E said...

It was great reading your blog and catching up on everything...your kids look great (so darn cute), and your trip "home" sounds wonderful...loved your photography, espec. your explanation of taking the arch. I've still never seen it in person (grew up in Chicago...). Enjoy your summer.

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

You're making me hungry! :) I haven't been to Primanti's in a while! The photos are just terrific! Thanks for sharing!

saintseester said...

Now I am starving. But I am so achy, I don't want food, yet!

Bev Sykes said...

Hi. Michele sent me. That's one hunka sandwich. Looks like you'd dislocate your jaw biting into it!

stefanie said...

Holy cow that looks good! I'm really hungry too. Your kids are SO DARN CUTE! Hope you had a great 4th!

Non-Essential Equipment said...

I LOVE Primanti's. Those sandwiches were a mainstay when I was in college, like O fries.

Whenever I head back to Pittsburgh, I always have to hit Primanti's, the O and, of course, Mineo's pizza. Mmmmm.

Charley Madden said...

mmmm.....sounds yummy!!!!! Great beautiful shot of scotty!!!!!

Carmi said...

Happy almost-weekend, Linda!

By capturing the experience so well, you've ensured that your kids will have rich memories of special places like this. I love these pictures...they look so happy - and natural light rocks. Well captured.

The sammiches look delish, too!