Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So Much Catch-Up!

Goodness Gracious ME! Where have I been??? I realize there is SO much I haven't talked about or posted about.

Well, I DO have a good excuse. Scott's on leave. And he started the second class on his doctorate...which means that he's been spending a good amount of time on the computer. And yes, before you start asking, we DO only have one computer...a desktop. So he gets first priority.


What's new? Well...I "borrowed" a design from Heather over at Oz-some Stampers and made a pack of cards for a gift. When I got together with the other two ladies who were working on the same gift (for a guest speaker at Women's Night Out), they had decided on a color scheme, and the cards I made didn't fit. So I went back and made a second packet (I will be gifting the first, I am sure!) in the coordinating colors. Here is the result:

My first colors were shades of pink, with a black accent. Still very pretty.

Oh...we went to Lawrence, as I mentioned earlier. We ate at a local hotspot called Jefferson's. It looked like it had been there for EVER! The motto on the sign? Peace, Love and Chicken wings. Their kitsch? Dollar bills. Yes...they allow people to color, write and "deface government property", and then they pin them up on the wall. And the ceiling. And on top of others. And wherever they can! There were so many to look at! Hannah and I spent some time looking to see what people did with good old George. We found a clown, mustache, goatee, pink hair, long blonde (yellow) hair, a pirate eye many more funny faces. There were drawings, words, dates. It was highly entertaining. Here are many of the photos I took.

I blurred out a few things (a phone number, some profanity), but my favorite was the one with Munich on it. Quite artistic!

Munich bill...
Of course, it was raining so hard while we were eating...but we managed to get out and stay somewhat dry. We went to Coldstone Creamery for a quick ice cream, hoping the rain would stop...and it did. And we found a great little shop called 'Au Marche' (at the Market, for you non-French folk) which carried AUTHENTIC European foods. Like Kindereggs (speaking of, Christy, I'm gonna need some when it gets cooler!), and German seasonings...and lots of stuff. We didn't get to spend too much time there there because Scotty was restless.

And these two signs just tickled me when I saw them. I mean...they're just great!

So...what else? Oh, yeah. We got Scotty's new furniture.
New Dresser and bed
What an easy transition. He doesn't get out of the bed at all. He waits for us to come get him. He loves it. He plays on it and gets up and down all day, but stays there at night - YAY!
taking a nap


SB said...

LOVE the big boy bed.

Christy said...

Once it cools down I'll be happy to send some kinder eggs and want some ice chocolate too??? Let me know what kind of tea you want if you want some of that too and where I should go to get it! :)

It's been nice here for the most part, we had a some hot weather but it's pretty comfortable again. Of course next Friday it's supposed to be up to 80 and we know how German's for some reason don't believe in A/C...we bought one so Chad may have to haul that thing to the hospital! LOL We're definately taking a fan! (Giggles)

Sounds like you had a good time in Lawrence (not a favorite town of mine but you know I'm a K-State girl!) At Christmas time go to Kansas City the lights there are beautiful!

I better get off of here and get my feet up, it's that point of the pregnancy where they're swelling up all the time!

Oh I like Scotty's new furniture! So grown up! It's great that he stays in bed when he's supposed to!

Jennifer said...

I love the card!! I just joined a Stampin' Up club...we get together every month to just stamp cards, and every other month we order. I am having SO much fun with it...I don't have time for full-blown scrapbooking, but cards are fun and easy...a great creative outlet!!
And that restaurant looked like a ton of fun! :) Was the food good? I know the ice cream HAD to be :)
Michele sent me today, but I've had such an enjoyable read that I'll come back to get to know you better! :)

gautami tripathy said...

Michele sent me here to chk out on you. Hope you are ok!

Melody said...

Hi! We moved our little girl into a big bed back in March and she 'still!' calls out to me in the morning to collect her! Love that! And we use a bed rail too which is a great peace of mind...

I'm here via Michele today. Thanks for sharing you daily life with us.


Tiffany said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Those dollar bills looked cool. You wouldnt think they would be allowed to do that though. Makes for great wall paper Glad scotty likes his new bed. In a few years I will have to do that for my lil one :) Michele sent me. (Oh, great signs also!)

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Michele sent me.

Nice bed and it looks like Scotty spin around in it. Hey, that's what my daughter does in hers!

Jimmy Johns has some good sandwhiches, too.

Sue said...

I LOVE, LOVE the new big boy bed :) -- it is very nice :) -- and the dollar bill kitsch? We do that at Joe's hotel "Bayside" -- the Moby Dick Pub and dollar bills everywhere -- :). Love ya girl!!