Saturday, August 11, 2007 far

No we haven't had the water issue again. The management/builder came to look at the problem and told us it was the gutters clogged with crud and that management had to clean them. This was Monday. Have they cleaned them yet? NO. Of course NOT. So we still have our belongings in the middle of our room. I'm getting cramps from keeping the keyboard on my lap and working the mouse with my left hand (it's not hard as I am left-handed, but it is tiring since my left hand is not used to doing all the clicking and mousing!)

It's been a reasonably good week. The heat has been incredible. But we did get to the pool twice this week. My friend Sandra returned from summer vacation with her girls, and the kids were all anxious to get together and play again. We went to CiCo pool on Wednesday, spending about 2 hours there in the kiddie pool - it's 2.6 feet deep at the deepest point...good enough for the older girls to jump and play. It's 2 feet at the shallower end, so Scotty was good there. I ended up with a mild sunburn on my back (no one to put sunscreen on, lol), but by the following morning, it was brown already (gotta love that Native American heritage!). The kids are nice and golden, but are always covered in sunscreen, so I am surprised at even THAT much coloring.

Thursday we went to a pool on post. Much smaller, and the baby pool was closed, so we all ended up in the shallow end (3 feet deep) of the big pool. They provide life vests for the little ones who can not swim, so I didn't have to constantly hang on to Scotty, though he was truly clinging to me. But close to the end of our pool time, he was daring and paddling around all by himself. I need to get him there a few more times to keep his bravery up!

Scott's eyes have gotten much better. It's not so much a dark room in the house now. He still wears his sunglasses outside, but not in the house anymore. His vision's clearing, and he's quite happy about that!!!

We're getting a bunch of new people moving in. One woman has 2 teenage daughters, though one's in college. That's nice to know, as we can all use babysitters here in the neighborhood! Another unit was filled, though I really haven't seen who is living there. Most likely college folk...they come flying in to the circle at warp speed. I went out and purchased THIS:

Except mine is bright yellow/green. Whenever the kids are outside playing, we put the "green guy" out in the middle of the circle drive, close to the road. It REALLY helps to slow people down. We told the kids to stay on OUR side of "green guy" so that the cars will see and/or hit HIM before the kids (because they really DO come around the corner too fast). We've been discussing where we can keep him so that ALL the folks in the neighborhood could have access to him when their kids are out. I want it to be safe for EVERYONE!

I'm tired...the heat is KILLING me. It's supposed to be 100° today (with heat index pushing 105°), and tomorrow, it's going to be 102°!!!!

Oh...I've started doing the powerpoint slides for our church. It's been fun to do...keeps my skills up!

I have pictures of all sorts of stuff, just haven't uploaded yet....will do that soon, I promise!

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rennratt said...

The temps here, with heat index, have averaged between 103.8 and 111.

I understand.