Tuesday, August 14, 2007

photo essay

What we did last week, in the opressive heat:

Visited KSU Gardens

Purple Coneflower

Black Eyed Susans

Dad and kids in the gazebo

grapes hidden in the vine

Lemon Yellow Sunflower - this picture doesn't do the color justice!!!
Kansas Sunflower - much smaller than the ones you're used to

Red Hot Chili Peppers, anyone?

What my house looks like because of the water in the basement issue:

Furniture moved away from the wall. Yes, we are STILL plugged in, as the phone runs thru the computer/cable so we need to keep it all running! The entertainment center is also three or four feet from the wall. The corner is where the water STARTS seeping in, and then follows the wall lines as it also spreads toward the center of the room. Still no resolution on this, either.

This is the "nest" where we work - see the chair, with the TV right by it, and the computer monitor....we have about 4 feet all around to move. Drives Scotty nuts, he can't spin in the chair right now, lol!


Shephard said...

I love your sunflower photos.
~S :)

Butterfly Wife said...

Boy have you been busy! Lovely pictures.

Heather said...

The garden photos are lovely. I'm sorry to see the water issue hasn't been resolved.

Berry Patch said...

Oh thank you! NOW I know what those purple flowers are called that I keep seeing places - coneflowers! I need to get some of those. They look really cool.
Great photos!