Thursday, November 29, 2007

Converstations with the boy...and other stuff!

Scott and Scotty were on the bed this morning, both snuggling with Scotty's "baaa" (which is his term for BAM, which is SCOTT'S term for security blanket or lovey).

Daddy: Scotty, how old will you be when you don't need your "baaa" anymore?
Scotty: I'n gonna be a hunnred yeahs owd, den I not need "baaa" nomore.
Daddy: What happens if you get married? Will you have your "baaa" then?
Scotty: No, you can't bring you "baaa" in you marry.
Daddy: You can't? What if your wife has a "baaa"?
Scotty: My yife no have a "baaa". You not get married wif "baaa".

I snickered throughout this conversation...Scotty's such a little character. He is just a natural ham!

The other day, I was checking email, and he came downstairs with his coloring book and crayons. He set himself up to color so that he could be in the room with me. A little ARTIST at work:

He's also the only kid I know who colors ALL the pages in a coloring book, from start to finish. EVERY PAGE. He's completed 4 coloring books so far. I'm running out. I need to get him some more, lol!

And yesterday. He was something else. I've been really busy with getting ready for this show. Last week, I was asked if I would play my trumpet on opening night, for two numbers. So I've been busting my tail trying to practice and get my playing "chops" up to speed. The regular trumpet player got one of the parts to me, and I was going through it yesterday, trying to figure out where all the notes fell, along with the words. Scotty came downstairs and wanted me to play Luxor 2, but I just didn't have the time. So he went back upstairs. I got a phone call, had to call the car dealership (our van was in for repairs) and got distracted. I realized that it was awfully quiet I went to see what the Boo was up to. This is what I found.

He decided that he was he climbed into MY bed, turned on the television, snuggled up under the blankets and took a nap. He does not nap well. I was not looking forward to his waking up. But he woke up sweetly, and not crabby at all (when he "crabs" he cries and whines for the better part of an hour...Hannah was the same way, which is why we gave up naps as early as we did!)

And let me leave you with some more photographs:

These pictures were taken yesterday. They are not retouched at all - I was just amazed by the beauty of the the light peeking through the clouds...and how they just blurred away. I was not moving when I took these two photos!

This last photo was taken on top of "the hill" at Ft. Riley. For those not familiar with the area, there are distinct areas of the post. There is "Historic Main Post" where all the original limestone buildings are located. There's "Camp Forsyth", where is where you find the airstrip. And there is "Custer Hill", which is where a good majority of the housing is, and most of the units are located there as well. From the vantage point on the hill, you can see Junction City, Ogden, and parts of Manhattan.


November Rain said...

michelle sent me today and as a mother of a 19 year old and 17 year old I have to say I miss when they are that little and say cherish these moments now because kids grow fast too fast and those moments are gone before you know it

Finn said...

Funny you should be talking about blankies; my son presented a story he wrote about his blankie at a Young Author's Night last night. He figures he'll be about 18 or 19 when he gets rid of his. He's nine now.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Christy said...

Nothing like a Kansas sunset. Making me feel a little homesick! I'll be back to visit with the kids next year though! :)

That's cute that Scotty went and took a nap on his own. I can't imagine Jack not taking a nap even now. Heck there are days Jacob still will, yesterday was one of them!


Debbie said...

OH, Linda! What a little sweetie Scotty is. I have such a soft spot for my little boys.

One word..dollar store...okay so I guess that is two...they have great coloring books.

Berry Patch said...

Scotty is a card! :-) I love this age when they talk & talk & the things they say & think. Too funny! LOVE the sky photos - awesome!

Sue said...

Aw man, I can't wait to see my boo and have these conversations with him myself.....13 days and counting.......

Army Wife said...

he colors and naps....

if you were not so loverly I might hate you...

Angelika said...

Well, duh, Mommy.

You don't get married with a "baaa"!

LOL. Priceless. :-)