Sunday, November 25, 2007

World's Littlest Christmas Carolers

There is nothing so sweet as listening to young children sing. They sing without fear of being laughed at, with all their hearts and souls...they don't care if they get the words or rhythms right or wrong. They don't care if they sing in tune or sing the melody correctly. They don't get tied up in all that stuff - they just love to sing, and even better, sing for an audience.

Well, my friend Kim Ketusky shared a link with me. My favorite Christian radio station in Augusta, GA started this tradition - recording 4 and 5 year olds singing Christmas songs.

World's Littlest Christmas Carolers

This year, I have the privilege of knowing at least ONE of those sweet voices...Kim's son, Matthew is on the list.

Go check out these adorable kids - get your fix of little ones singing - it's especially poignant if yours aren't so little any more - or you don't have little ones in the house. This reminds you what Christmas is all about....

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Sue said...

Aw how cute :) -- it does make it even better when you actually know someone :)