Friday, November 23, 2007

The Name Game

Shakespeare once asked, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet...." Ah, yes, but would it still be as easy to spell...or pronounce?

When we chose our childrens' names, we picked names that we considered classic, simple, and timeless names. Names which would not necessarily be considered odd or extreme. We liked the simplicity of Hannah...the meaning behind the name (grace of God)...and later we found out it was also a middle name for one of Scott's relatives. A good, sturdy name. We didn't realize it was such a popular name at the time. Not that we'd consider changing it - we liked how it fit. Scotty's name is really Scott, middle name Alexander. He was named after his dad Wayne Scott, and his grandfather Wayne Alexander. Scotty's just his "little boy name" (though HE would argue, "I NOT Scott, I SCOTTY"). Nice simple, strong names.

Then I got to reading Suburban Turmoil when she posted a contest about BAD names. Worst Kid's Name Ever

For this, you MUST read the comments - and there are a LOT of them....I do mean a LOT. You might just want to skip right over to Bad Baby Names: The Finalists. There are some DOOZIES there. And here, you can find the WINNERS.

Now...go and read those, and then come back...or just keep reading and head to those links later on. There IS a reason for all of this.

I got to talking with friends recently about some of the weird names we'd heard in our lives. They shared in emails with me and I HAD to post them. They have jobs where they encounter many names on a regular basis (think newspaper, teacher, banker, etc). I've promised to protect their identities...but here are some of the names shared, and the comments that came with them. The comments are what make the emails so good!

Since I've been there, I've seen the following: Precious, Flossie, Princess, Caress, Parquasia, Shaniqual (pronouced Sha-nee-kwa), Cartavious, Deontay, Devonte, Divante, Devontay (basically, every phonetic spelling imaginable!), Jalen/Jaylen/Jaden/Jadon/Jaron/Peyton/Jason (yes, Jason is normal, BUT THEY WERE ALL IN THE SAME FRICKIN' GROUP OF PEOPLE!!!!), (a flash from the past here--->) first name JAZZY middle name JEFF, Justin Case, Justice (boy), Justus (girl), Spencer (GIRL!!!!), Sydnei, Damarus (boy), Sylvanna, Deandre, Deondra, Ro'Khaun, Cha-ron (pronounced sha-RON. go figure), Beaunc'A (no typo!), Mar'Keen, Mon'Nique, Don'Ye, Shy'Asia, (yay! It's a game called "FUN WITH APOSTROPHES!"), Tylonda, Kemony, Krystena, Kaylin, Ryne, Starleena, Tymarlis, Kavasea (pronounced Kah-VAH-see-ay), Raylyn (a BOY!), Deja, Alaza (pronounced AL-uh-zay), Dreshawn, Tyler-Kae (a girl!), Lawyer (but goes by his middle name: Dequan. go figure.), Keshawna, Tyrian (goes by Ty), Eries (pronounced AIR-ee-us), Ainexia (but pronounced more like uh-NEE-shuh.), Memphis, Delvon, Zane (a girl, pronounced Zhan-NAY. And she gets really upset when people mispronounce her name. stupid us, what were we thinking?), Tedeychia (a girl.), Arinda, Zateya, Kyree (a boy), Kaycee (also a boy), Dominique (ALSO A BOY! And pronounced like you would for a girl!), Askia (as-KEE-uh. a boy), Keymiya, Kei-Mia, Anfernee (think a mispronunciation of Anthony. how sad.), Trayvond, Daquante, Tyhae, Melyssa, Maggi, Brooklyne, Brooklynne, and every possible spelling of Brianna INCLUDING this: Briyuana!

Then there's: Cadee, Kei'Anna, Joton, ChaNesia, Siris, Mercedez, Camree, Lexus (must like cars), Dekella, Kenyon, Ednel, Keishla (pronounced KAISH-luh), Xena, Katharina, Jensine, Asian, Excell, Solomon, Ciera (and various other spellings), Xanare (ZAN-uh-ray), Zan (pronounced like it looks, not like Zane.), Sequille (pronounced SHA-keel), Tatyana, Keely, Yana, Jerah, Zaina, Jamee-Dawn, Jhade, Ta'Shayla, Ajia (like Asia), Daijana (day-ON-uh), Khadijah, Khadde (like Chad), Crashawn (like anyone wants the word CRASH in their name), or Jaileen, or Risk. Jawan, Tyriq, Sharnell, Trenesha, Ja'chin, Zanikwa, Jachob (no typo), Tymen, Cireya, Lakesha, Zeppelin, Champange (no typo!), Jawohn, Keon (pronounced KEE-un), Soontorn, Dant'e, Traivon, Keywana (pronounced without the "w"), Tairha, Evergreen (her sister's name is Condoleezza. no joke!), E'Mon, Shondreka, Quinceola (goes by "ola"), Tra'Sheen (more fun with ' !), Valgean (val-jeen, I think. and it's a boy), Valissa, Kayland (a boy), Aolani, Aeleena (goes by her middle name: Kayli), Lataija, Deromian, Jimeya, Jalisa, Arkeya, Tyleek, Ta'Shan, Tra'Shaun (are we having fun with apostrophes yet???), Ezio (EH-zee-oh), Patience, Lisa-Marie (and her sister is Selina. somebody liked female singers!), Reshawn, Shaquan, Shavaughn, Tavaughn, Adonis (that's quite a reputation to live up to, but so is his middle name: LeBron!)

I have a head'ach'e n'ow. I thinque I shy'all goe twoo bhede!
Ghoud'e naighte!


rennratt said...

Nooze has a 'normal' first name, but her middle name should be on the list.

The name isn't really odd, but the spelling is 'different'.

I wasn't being particularly "creative"; she was named after one of my best friends.

Butterfly Wife said...

Oh my. How do you remember all those names? Dizzying just thinking about it.

Christy said...

Most are quite different, although Spencer for a girl isn't that odd I have a good friend who's 19 yr old daughter is Spencer. I don't think any of the "J" names in that one group (although there was also Peyton thrown in there) was odd...I'm guessing it was someone who was trying to pick a name. I didn't click on the link yet, but I'm pretty sure I've been to that site and honestly think the people there are really ugly in their attitude. They get downright mean and nasty.

I'm obviously for the more classic and common names and "Jordyn" is the only one who's name is spelled some what different although the "y" is pretty common now a days!

I think parents need to think about their kids names for the future as well as the present. Of course Hollywood has some really rediculous names...Apple and Cocoa...just to name 2 off the top of my head! LOL

Sue said...

And who can forget "Shithead" pronounced Shi thead (long e) -- either way -- shit head

Carmi said...

I'm pretty close to Camree...close enough, anyway.

I hated my name when I was kid: always being ridiculed for being different, always having to spell it for people, always having to correct it for people too stupid to pay attention.

Now that I'm a grown-up writer in the age of the Internet, my little bit of uniqueness has helped me: a Google search of my name results in me and only me. It's made it easy for the folks who matter to my work to find me.

Of course, it's also made it just as easy for the unimportant folks to find me. Can't have it both ways, alas.

Berry Patch said...

I loved reading this! I'm fascinated by names. I always say it's because mine is so plain. :-) Although, some of these are just off the chart!