Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I hope that you and yours all had a good one. We did, despite having a little boy who is just "not feeling right" currently. They got lots of stuff, they're playing with it all, and are happy.

Above photos were on (and in) my Christmas card...since I can't send one out to EVERYONE, I thought I'd share. Shot with my Kodak Easyshare in my living room. Despite being a point and shoot, it really is a great little digital! And Photoshop is fun to use...brushes can be found FREE all over the internet!!! This photo was shot by my sister after the 1st Infantry Division Band Christmas Concert (call it what you will, to ME is a CHRISTMAS concert, even though it was touted as a "Holiday" concert). I think we look pretty darned good!

And this next shot? Well, my newest "toy"; the "only" Christmas present I got from my hubby (I say "only" because I did get a memory card and case (with filter and extra battery) from "the kids"). But it was worth it!

Several observations: I look HAPPY! I look GOOD with a camera in my hands. I need to lose weight (there are jowls behind my "smile lines"). I look OLD. I LIKE this camera!


SB said...

1. those kids are too darn cute. Someday I am gonna come to KS and photograph them myself....

2. you and Scott look very happy.

3. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO! That camera is so cool. Gimma specs woman! I live for specs.


Army Wife said...

I think you look happy and fantastic!! Glad you enjoyed the Holidays!!

I am awaiting a "nicer" camera one of these years...

I have camera envy now!!

Have a blessed new Year

rennratt said...

The camera looks AWESOME.

And you do NOT look old.

The 'jowls', as you call them, are known as 'cheeks' around here.

You're beautiful!

Merry Christmas!

Debbie said...

Great shots of the kids!

You and Scott look very smashing.

Love the new camera. I'm not sure I would like a bigger camera, so I can't wait to hear your observations. I liked my Kodak EasyShare better than my new Canon many choices!

Christy said...

Love the pics of the kids, love the camera, great pictures all around!! I'd love to have a SLR one of these days, but for now I stick with my Canon Powershot, it's at least 10.0 I guess a girl can't have everything! LOL

Merry Christmas...oh and I'll be sending you your German treats soon!

Laurie said...

You....are going to do so MUCH with that camera!!! I feel it.

Oh...and you are absolutely beautiful!!!

Merry Christmas!


Bob-kat said...

Cool present! I got a camera last year dn this year I got a macro lens so there will be more close-up pics on my blog soon!

I love your photo's, especially the cute one of the children in the lights; and you look great BTW!

Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

Sue said...

So glad you got your camera girl.....I am so loving mine right now :) Love ya

Heidi said...

Be quiet! You look great!

Have fun in the New Year with your new present!!!