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YIR: Year in Review

This is the Year In Review...and I'm even going to LINK to posts. Just some of the highlights of our 2007 in Kansas!

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We had snow, and the kids got to play in it. The beginning of the year came quietly, which is good.

On January 15, Hannah turned 6. We had a party with several little girls all dressed up, and Hannah's theme was, of course, Tinkerbell. The cake was not made by me, and the kids all loved it.

On January 16, I went in for surgery...a hysterectomy. You can read about it here.


In the spirit of this RED month, there was this post.

And my daughter's obsession with Tinkerbell


March brought us a 3 Year Old

and winning my iPod at SpouseBuzz (part TWO of the story is HERE)
And my 200th post


It's Easter season....we had a colorful one.

Scott got accepted into Boston University's Online Doctoral Program and will be working toward a Doctorate in Music Education.

A gorgeous school picture!

My sister's BIRTHDAY


I had a lot of photos to share

Grammy passed away

We bade goodbye to the Bippy!

Scott got selected for Chief Warrant Officer Three

I had a wonderful Mother's Day

Hannah completed her very first year of school.

Scotty showed that he has the potential to be a Conductor

and celebrated Memorial Day


June brought us Vacation Bible School, warm weather (HOT, actually) and our "vacation" (because Scott was actually attending a conducting class, so it wasn't a vacation for HIM!

We had some Lost Teeth more lost teeth And Hannah learned to SWIM!!! (in the more lost teeth post!)


We had more swim lessons, ate yummy sandwiches (okay, those were from VACATION)
and I got the biggest RAK (random act of kindness) EVER!

It was HOT!

Scotty got his big boy furniture (at the bottom of this post)

And I shared my favorite recipes


We started shopping for school....

and had a crazy start to our month, which included PKR surgery for Scott, water in the basement and much more!

School started for our FIRST GRADER!


brought us Scott's birthday

I rode a horse for the first time in EONS!

We lost Casey Labbe, my step-nephew


We attended Ft. Riley's Apple Days

My Scotty album won a contest at our local scrapbook store

My niece, Alexandra's school put on a band show using Thriller, and someone posted it to YouTube

I photographed some of my favorite Kansas views

And had a blast at Halloween


Hannah brought home her school picture, and it was pretty darned good, considering....

I made it to THREE HUNDRED POSTS - consider that that it took me 2 years to make it to 200, and less than 9 months to make it to 300!

we had fun conversations with Scotty, and got elfed, too!


brought my 3 day performance as Dolores Hope to a close. It was fun, but I was tired!

I celebrated my 41st birthday

I got a very special surprise

the kids sat with Santa

Christmas was lovely, with the BEST GIFT EVER!

And that recaps most of my blog for the year....if you made it this far, let me know, lol!!!

Here's to a better year tomorrow!

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