Monday, January 07, 2008

Exercise - Day 1

Did 30 minutes on DDR. What's DDR some of you may ask? It's a KIDS' game on playstation 2 (and the various other gamer devices). A pad, music, lots of arrows.

The kids got DDR 2, Super Nova for Christmas. While I think some of the "videos" that are playing while the music is going (who am I kidding...the MUSIC too) are too racy and not quite what I'd like seeing, I have to admit that it is FUN. I know there are Christian Music versions out there, but so far, all I've seen are the ones for PC, and quite frankly, I don't want to exercise in front of my teeny monitor when I can do it in front of my larger TV.

So...back to DDR. It has a workout mode. You can register your weight, the time you'd like to work out for (or set a goal of calories burned, instead!). This thing tracks everything for you, and with a memory card (which Santa was smart and delivered along with the PS2 and DDR) it will stay for as long as you like!

I worked out for 20 minutes today (good for someone who hasn't done it in a LONG time). And you know what? I sweat more doing DDR for 20 minutes than I usually did at Curves for 30 minutes and 2 circuits. Why is that? Though I have to admit that Curves works a lot of other body least here I'm getting the cardio that I so DESPERATELY need.

I'll post, hopefully regularly, about my exercising, lol!


rennratt said...

I have heard a lot about DDR; I have never tried it.

My husband has his heart set on a Wii, but I don't know. They're still around $300-$400, and that is TOO RICH for my blood.

Keep up the great work!

smarmoofus said...

VERY cool way to get some good aerobic exercise! I have issues with aerobics, since I have a lung deficiency, but I still love the game. I'll play it 'til I'm light-headed and woozy. Shh... don't tell my doctors. ;)