Friday, January 04, 2008

This seals's official...

I'm old. Yup. O.L.D.

In an effort to take better care of myself, I made some long overdue appointments - dental, eye, and medical. I was LUCKY to get in to see an optometrist TO. DAY. Uh-huh. Yeah!

So, I get the "treatment". I know it's only been almost 3 years since I went in, but this place has all the newfangled equipment. They took "maps" of my eyes...and took "pictures" of the BACK of my eyeballs (all those VEINS and stuff!). Scotty thought it was all FANTASTIC, of course, and everyone there thought he was a ham and cut-up and the CUTEST, too.

So, back to me. Dr. Hart tells me that I'm in the "gray area"....that I can "PROBABLY" get away with one more year withOUT bifocals. BI-WHAT? BIFOCALS? REALLY????? THIS EARLY? But yeah...that's the truth. Because technically, I am farsighted...and I need good glasses for the "up close" stuff...and soon. I balked at them...not quite yet, please.

I went to Andy's Affordable Eyewear. I was going to get the "magic clip" glasses. One pair for $125. Not bad. These have the magnetic clip on sunglasses. No switching over to another pair. But then, I discovered that his "regular" glasses were $29.99 - including a single vision lens. and add $15 to get all the other fun stuff (UV, scratch-resist, AND tint). So...I "cheaped out" and got 2 pairs, IDENTICAL, but one with tint (sunglasses) and one without. Still only $89...and "not tax, since these are medical devices". The weird thing is that I was going around, trying on frames (haven't been happy with my rectangular ones) and I had 4 pairs in my hands. Turns out, they were all the same, only different colors! Guess that REALLY stuck the point. I LIKED these frames, lol! I was going to have my current sunglasses (prescription) just change lenses, but I didn't have them with me (don't know WHERE they are, quite frankly) Oh biggie.

Dr. Hart, the optometrist, told me that if I'm not comfortable with my prescription for "close up" to come back, and he'll do the bifocal prescription. I'm going to fight that tooth and nail, I think.

The good thing? I won't need bifocal lenses in my sunglasses, so I'd only have to get one pair of lenses replaced...IF necessary.

Oh...and if you've made it this far, I've got a totally non-related-to-this-post question for you. If you've been an avid reader of a particular blog, have been a faithful reader and fairly regular commenter, and the person who writes the blog "recently updated" everything and you notice that you were not blogrolled, would you be upset?

And on that same line - are you a regular reader of this blog who is not blogrolled on my blog? Check the sidebars - I did a lot of updating recently. You may not fall in the "general blogroll", you might just be under a "specialty" so check them all - they're in alphabetical order now. I originally had them in an order that I wanted, but it was too difficult to place my "top 10", so I just switched to alpha.

Thank you. That will be all from the elderly lady running this blog. :P


SB said...

you're not old. You're SEASONED.

Army Wife said...

sorry to hear about the need for bifocals...


Aging is not for wussies is it?

I am terrible at blog matainence, so understand your fear of upsetting some...

rennratt said...

On the bright side, dear L-

At least they aren't TRI-FOCALS.

My mum had those; I don't know how she walked around without passing out. I tried them on 'for giggles' and nearly got sick: Instant vertigo.

Rachel said...

Seasoned! That's darling.
My daughter told me the other day I wasn't old because I didn't have sprinkles yet.

I really like that you have the blogs broken into categories. How fun.
Great blog! Found you through entrecard.

Sue said...

That is too funny!! My doctor just told me the same thing a month ago. I opted for the non bifocal script as I needed glasses anyway for severe astigmatism but I'll tell you -- I can't read a lick with them on...I have to take them off to read -- what is up with that?

laura vegas said...

the one area of my life that is 100% good is my eyesight ... i guess i can be thankful! lol!

i feel honored to be included on your blog roll! now you have me thinking though ... am i the one that you're talking about?!?! lol! i'm so bad about keeping a blog list ... i should work on that!

Berry Patch said...

Now if I had only read a couple more posts I would have seen where you got your glasses (don't think it's national). :-) I too need go see the dentist (haven't since we moved! Yikes!), just saw the eye doctor (yearly) & I go for my annual next month (joy - not!). No fun is it? ;-)