Monday, January 28, 2008


If not, I hope the following pictures will make you reconsider!

Chicken with pineapple salsa, Rice Pilaf, mixed greens, from The Radisson - Junction City, KS
Crème brûlée cheesecake from Washington Street Grille - Junction City, KS
Tiramisu from Washington Street Grille - Junction City, KS

Now, lest you think I am the one who ate all of this, I ALMOST did. Actually, the chicken and the cheesecake were mine. The tiramisu belonged to a friend of mine. We belong to OCSC (Officers and Civilian Spouses Club) and had attended the monthly luncheon. Several of us were still quite hungry after our meals (at The Radisson), so we headed out for dessert. I couldn't help but photograph my friends and the desserts. One photo didn't come out quite as nice as I would have liked; it was Double Chocolate Oreo pie. I'm posting the picture simply because even if it is not quite CLEAR, you can STILL discern the absolute yumminess of it!
Double Chocolate Oreo Pie from Washington Street Grille - Junction City, KS

Notice the wonderful presentation for the desserts. Sometimes, just getting a NICE LOOKING plate makes a huge difference. Can you see the word "Enjoy" written in caramel on the tiramisu? Washington Street Grille has a small selection of desserts, but I have had (or tasted) most of them now, and they are ALL fantastic.

And of course, the company was wonderful too. They all balked at getting their photos taken. I took them anyway! Here are two of the gals I was with:

This is Sandra. I met her in Germany. Her kids and my kids are pals! We have hit the milestone of our youngest children being the age that our OLDEST children were when we met! Our birthdays are a day apart, though we call her the baby of our "group"...since her husband, my husband and I are all at the 40+ mark, and she's not there yet!
This is Cassandra...she didn't want me to take her picture at ALL. This was taken on the sly, and I think it is beautiful. She is a lovely woman with a ready smile and lots of energy. She has to, she sells Partylite and has young kids!

We had one other friend there, but her picture came out even blurrier than the oreo pie! She was laughing and she moved just as I clicked. I will get a picture of Lori eventually! Lori is quite an amazing woman. She is the mother of SIX children! Her husband is a nurse in the Army, and recently, Lori was accepted into the Army nurse corps and will be attending training at the end of March.

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Christy said...

Oh my goodness I wouldn't have recgonized Sandra! No glasses, her hair looks different too!!!

Glad you had a good time at your luncheon.