Monday, January 28, 2008


I recently became fascinated with Temari balls. Temari is a Japanese technique of "embroidery" on foam balls. The balls are wrapped in a string, then divided into sections. The embroidery is done based on the division strings and the needle is inserted under the wrapped threading. Not only is it embroidery, but it is weaving as well.

I think these balls are gorgeous. I have been wanting a book on making these for awhile, but it isn't easy to find them (well, they do have some on amazon.....). A few weeks ago, I was granted a "wish" on one of my scrapbooking groups. It's a game we play. Someone makes a wish...someone else grants it. The granter of the wish then gets the opportunity to make a wish. I had granted a wish, and it was my turn. I wished for Temari books or a kit. And I was blessed with a kit. In my favorite color - PURPLE.

So last night, I began. The directions are horrid. They are Japanese translated into English (probably through babelfish, lol). The don't really make sense...but I managed to plod through enough to understand. I did have to undo two "rounds" (we'd call them rows, thank you very much!), and start again, but the second time was easier. I ended up doing the first two colors in about an hour. Here is what I have done so far:

I will do the next color (3 rows of medium purple) then take another picture. The last rows on the star are in dark purple and I have 4 to make. Then I reverse the ball and start all over. Once both stars are finished, I will have to make the "obi" which wraps around the ball and is stitched with gold lamé. This obi is in a wonderful shade of green, almost an olive tone. I really can't wait to finish this project. I know I will want to make more! I think I will probably try a few more kits before I try my hand at freestyle temari, though.


LoveMyTanker said...

Very, very cool!!!

laura vegas said...

looks like a fun project! to be honest, it would probably frustrate the heck out of me though. lol! can't wait to see the end result!