Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I failed to continue posting my progress on my Temari. Mostly because I finished one side...then put it down, got distracted and didn't pick it up again till last week. But I finished it in short order. And here are some shots of the finished product:

I was doubly blessed by my friend Cheryl, who had sent this kit to me initially. She sent me another kit (this one is black with orange and cream colored threads!) in a completely different pattern. It will be a challenge, though...since it is ENTIRELY in Japanese! Okay...I cracked jokes at the translation of instructions on the first kit...but!

AND...Cheryl also scored MEGA-HUGE buddy points with me because she ALSO sent a book on Temari...with different forms and patterns. From very start (using a core and wrapping it) to variations on themes, and how to combine several patterns. Oh, I will have a LOT of fun with this book!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty!!! This is a craft I've not heard of before. I guess I'll have to do some research (like I have time to add another craft, especially with a deployment staring me in the face).

Kim said...

That turned out nice! You are so crafty! :)