Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Rescue Heroes. The best toys ever. They are GOOD guys...they have BACK STORIES! And best of all (for us, anyway) they were FREE. That entire pile behind this guy...FREE.

We started last summer with a box of these guys from my friend Michelle, in Pittsburgh. Her son got them from a neighbor (when we all lived in Georgia....lost yet?), but he never really had much interest in them. Well...Scotty LOVED these guys. They came out of his room on a regular basis, sometimes every day! They were on par with CARS and his "guys" (as he refers to his stuffed animals). That meant they rated HIGH.

Well, recently on Freecycle(tm), someone offered up a box of toys...the post said, "big box of boys' toys, mostly rescue heroes". I sent an email and waited, and hip-hip-hooray! I was the first to ask. The poster sent me her address (and directions) and we headed off to go get this box. I expected it to be a normal sized box...maybe banana box or something...but this was a BIG moving box...and it WAS mostly rescue heroes! There was also a large Tonka firetruck and Motorcycle in the box....but the rescue heroes were the BIG hit. With all sorts of new tools (see the dune buggy upside down on the pile?)

Anyway...I thought it was neat to see. This guy's name is Billy Blazes. He was standing all by himself, with the pile of hero detrius behind him. Just like this. I figured it would be a good way to document what Scotty was into.
And for the record...we now have two 22 qt. containers filled with Rescue Heroes...and they come out DAILY.


Jod'i said...

So, being around my niece and nephew, I loved this post anyway. But my FAVORITE part is the phrase "hero detrius" !

Christine said...


We love the Rescue & Planet heroes!