Wednesday, April 02, 2008

So, check it out, dog....

(Randy's favorite saying on American Idol)

I am proud to be in the company of well-published people. I have friends who have had several scrapbook layouts published in various magazines. My husband's been published (both writing and photography, AND written about) in a few magazines as well. I was even interviews for an article in Military Spouse magazine last year!

My son, bless his little heart, was published in Soldiers Magazine in their year end Almanac (you can see the magazine HERE, and he's on page 32 - and the photo description is on 33)...I wrote about this awhile back, but they only just recently put the PDF file up for public viewing!

and now, I can add that a friend of mine is PUBLISHED on PACKAGING! Though I've never met her in person, I consider Laura to be a friend. I read her blog regularly (read: whenever she posts something, my RSS pings and I read!). She's an amazing photographer. She's a fantastic scrapbooker and has had lots of her layouts published in many scrapping magazines, too. And she runs a daycare out of her home...crazy. So when I was at her blog the other day and I saw that she'd had layouts posted on the back of a Making Memories Scrapbook kit, I HAD to go out and get it! The clerk in the store was commenting on how cute the kit was and I turned it over and said, THESE layouts were created by my friend, Laura V.!

No...the yellow arrow is NOT on the packaging...that's MINE! - those are her daughters I am pointing out, but Laura did do both layouts...

For the record...the kit IS cute!!!!


SB said...

I believe it's "dawg".


and you're right: your friend is uber-talented.

Janet said...

How cool is that!!! Hi, Michele sent me :-)

Carmi said...

I remember how moved I was when you first posted the photo on your blog. It's one of those magic-moment images that deserves to be framed. Doubtless he'll carry this with him for a very long time. Such coolness!

Even cooler is how it was published. I still get a crazy little thrill every time I'm published in any way, shape or form. It's a gift to be able to share little bits of ourselves - photos, knowledge, experiences - with others. And it never gets old.

May you always have great things to share, Linda!

(I LOVED your Laura experience. This is why we need to take the time to celebrate the achievements of others. As I've learned rather starkly in recent days, it's all too easy to get pulled down by those who would destroy rather than build. Thanks for the important lesson in perspective.)

laura vegas said...

i'm extremely flattered linda!!! thanks so much for all your kind words and comments ... i totally appreciate them all! and guess what ... i do the same thing with other designers work when i see it in print. i tell people "that's so-and-so's layout" ... always fun to say you "know" them!

laura vegas said...

btw ... hope you share what you do with the kit!!! enjoy!