Thursday, April 03, 2008

Uh...Live much?

I need a life. Really.


This: My son pulled the box of "stuffies" out from under his bed. There are about 20 or more stuffed animals in it. If he had his way, they would live on his bed, but he's already got about that many (if not more) living there, so we had to banish the less favorites to the under-bed box.

He pulled out a big grey bear...Baloo from The Jungle Book Movie.

"Mommy, where dis bear come from?"

"uh...Auntie Barbaralee sent you that when we were in Germany, bug" was my reply.

"Oh, okay. What about this one?" He holds up a creamy, long-furred bunny.

"That was in your Easter basket last year, sweetie"

"Ah...I 'member now...and dis one? Who gave me dis one?" He holds up a stuffed Woodstock.

"Uncle Kenny and Aunt Colleen gave you that. Hannah got the Snoopy one"

And this continued...until he'd pulled all of the bears and bunnies and other critters out from the box. And I was able to tell him where all of them came from...and how long he'd had them. Except for ONE. A small beanie-bear-type lion. I can't remember where it came from.

Now, can you tell me WHY I would have such a great memory for who gave the kids WHAT, but I can't remember the simplest of details in my every day life? Like, I have to honestly think HARD about what shirt I was wearing yesterday. Short of going to look in the laundry basket, I honestly can't remember. But I know when we got the cute stuffed snowman with the words "Lu's World" on the scarf...we got it on the Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to London in December of 2005. Hannah got a coloring kit.

I really need to get out more!


Mommie said...

That's too funny. I was actually amazed you could remember even one stuffed animal!lol


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I believe that comes with the territory of motherhood:)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, we all have our priorities after all & certainly gifts are more important than what you wore yesterday!
Thanks for stopping by my blog via Michele's today.

laura vegas said...

i can relate! lord know why i have all these useless random facts in my head ... but the important day-to-day stuff i can't remember for the life of me! lol!