Thursday, May 29, 2008

digital scrapping

I enjoy a challenge...I really do. But digital scrapbooking has just not been my forte. I don't have a dedicated scrapbooking program. I was thinking about getting one. But then I thought, "I have Photoshop...I should just learn to digi-scrap in that. It's not very user friendly. But, because I've been working on editing a lot of my photography, I'm learning more and to work with layers.

The thing is...I have been COLLECTING digital scrapbooking stuff for a while. My sister sent me a lot of freebies...and I joined a group called Scrap Snaggers. These amazing folks SHARE digital scrapbooking stuff...a LOT of it. And FREE. So...I have been downloading freebies...but doing nothing with them. So I decided that I needed to start using them, or get all these files off my computer.

I found this one blog, in particular, to have AMAZING stuff...Vicki's Blog - a Work In Progress - she makes these wonderful kits. They are coordinated...every day or so, she releases something. One day it's solid paper...then patterned paper...then elements...and more elements...and an alphabet or two.

I found one kit to be adorable...and so I decided to try digi scrapping again. Here it is...using the Ella kit from Vicki's Blog

I have yet to achieve "torn paper" look (if anyone's got hints on how to do that, PLEASE let me know - the pink tag on there was already "torn", but I wanted the effect on the pink paper)

I learned that I can flip elements to suit my needs (the blue scroll design is actually 2, I flipped one horizontally)

I learned that I can use the eraser to pull up a bit of the lower layer...see how the paper clip looks like it has actually been tucked behind the tag? And the fold on the paper is OVER the letter Y?

I learned how to resize those individual letters in contrain the size so that they are all exactly the same size.

I am still's a work in progress, of course. But it's a start!


saintseester said...

Isn't there an art effect that gives the look of jagged paper edges to a layer?

trying said...

it looks great! i need to get scrapbooking again but i tell ya by the end of the day im beat. i have such big plans around the afternoon for what im going to do when the little ones are in bed. then the time comes and i just crash. ah the glamourous life of a mom.

Sue said...

Sunshine, you are miles ahead of me -- i have all these great digital freebies and PAID FOR kits and have yet to do a single page.....I figured if I paid for a kit I would use it -- NOT. I love this

Kim said...

Great layout. I've thought about hybrid scrapbooking, but I don't think I'd ever go fully digital. I like handling my "stuff" too much for that. Good job, Linda.

SB said...

I am such a wimp. I cannot bear to get one more hobby. Not to mention, I agree with the previous commenter, I like handling my paper!

But you did a great job!

Heidi said...

I am too intimidated to go digital... plus, I get more exercise moving about my scrap-room than sittin at the computer. (Hah! That's my excuse!!!)

saintseester said...

Linda, I don't digital scrapbook, but I love her papers. I am always looking for interesting textures to play with in graphics.

Bunny Trails said...

I think I'll end out going hybrid for scrapping, because I can never fully give up the hands-on stuff.

Check out Scrapgirls dot com. They have some great tutorials and classes you can take. Also Jessica Sprague's books called "Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking" (I think) are very helpful.

Last, if you can get your hands on Renee Pearson's two Digital Designs books, they are excellent for training you how to do this stuff. They each have a CD with them with all kinds of elements on them. She walks you through every step of the way. You can sometimes get them at the library, too.

Dianne :D