Monday, June 02, 2008

Holy Hail!

Read that last word with a southern accent, and you'll get the pictures!

We had SERIOUS hail this morning...don't worry, it was no longer hailing when
I ran out to pick these three up!

Hannah helps to hold the measuring tape and my hand FROZE with this bad boy!

This was after a few minutes, so they'd already melted down a bit...the big one measured over 3 inches long, the middle one was over 2, and the little one was about 1 1/2 inches.

I will have to tell you the "hack and smack construction" story that goes along with the horrid storm we had today...but that's for later...gotta go cook some food!


SB said...

yikes! That IS awful. My friend in Oklahoma had to get a new roof due to hail. I can see why!

Debbie said...

Wow, Linda, that is some large hail. I sure wouldn't want to get stuck out in a storm like that.

saintseester said...

Great Scott, those are huge! I have never seen hailstones that big, and I've been in a lot of hailstorms.

I did have a friend who got a new car for about 1/2 price due to hail damage from a storm like that. Nothing was wrong with it if you didn't mind the 100's of dents all over it!

Christy said...

Definately HUGE pieces of hail! I don't miss huge amounts of hail, they get some hail here, but nothing has been that big. I guess it's like their thunderstorms, they get them, just not many!

I am guessing your van was in the garage?! I hope!!!!

Suzanne said...

That is some serious hail! I hope nothing got seriously damaged! I'm glad you took those pictures to share, and I can just totally hear that title with a southern accent. ;) Crazy stuff.

Heidi said...

I have a feeling that the "hack and smack" construction story is going to be good!

Hope your house or vehicles did not receive any damage!

Kim said...

That is some more hail! (Make sure you drag out each word real southern like when reading that first sentence!) LOL!
Jackson, yes...Jackson, SC had hail that big a couple of weeks ago. When we drove through town, I could hardly believe all the GREEN leaves and limbs that had been beaten off the trees and were lying all over the place. Scary stuff!

Mycrazylife said...

Good grief! I wouldn't want to be caught outside during that! Ouch!