Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Have a Cup...

My friend Ali recently stepped out on faith and has started a blog. I didn't realize she was reading my blog regularly till she commented on it (having figured out where my "comment" link was, since I had to try and be clever and put something silly that she didn't understand...gotta come up with something better....)

Sorry...digression...happens a LOT.

If you are looking for a spiritual lift, Ali's blog is the place to go. Her writing is AMAZING. No...really! She writes from life, from the heart, and because of God....she writes the same way she speaks. Let me tell you how I met her. We met in Augusta, shortly after I moved there and was invited to join a playgroup (which was the BIGGEST blessing for me at that time!). After knowing most of the women only a VERY short time, and attending church with most of them at Stevens Creek Community Church (now called The Creek), I went on a retreat with most of the moms in the playgroup. Ali shared her testimony, and I was just SO amazed at her ability to talk about God, to show how He shines in her life, and to share how she loves Him so. I had two wonderful years in Augusta with Ali (and so many others, and if they ever start blogging, I'll share my stories about them as well!), and to this day, I can see her shining BEAMING face. One thing I remember the most was on Easter Sunday one year, I sat next to her...as the service was coming to a close and the praise team was raising the roof to the heavens, she turned to me and said, "I can't wait." When I asked what she meant, she clarified for me, "I can't wait to get to heaven. Won't it be amazing?"

I started reading her blog from the very beginning...that's where you should, too. She explains the title of her blog, and it's so amazingly appropriate.

She only just begun to blog, so you'll work your way through the posts easily...but you'll certainly have food for thought, and A Cup of Cold Water

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Ali said...

I'm crying! How kind of you. Thank you so much for your support. I really have been fighting writing for YEARS and I have been overwhelmed by the response. I don't think we ever really understand how God will use us when we finally empty ourselves of ourselves and allow Him to dominate in every aspect of our being. I don't have great words to express my gratitude. Thank you. Also...Scotty has a boy face. He's losing his little baby look. I remember trying to figure out what to do about his diaper rash and now he's dressing himself...and looking AWESOME! If I find a dolphin shirt, it's coming your way!!! Lots of love!