Monday, May 19, 2008

what are the odds?

Last Tuesday, I took Scotty to Gymnastics Plus. They host an open gym several days a week, and we get there once in awhile...rainy, gloomy days are good because it gives him someplace to go blow off steam and burn energy. Sandra brought Alyssa and the kids were playing well.

Scotty was jumping off the foam pit. He's never been daring enough to go off the top step...usually he would jump from one side or the first step. But he never wanted to go beyond it. On Tuesday, he was working his way up, step by step, relinquishing the fear and having a blast doing it!

Now...he was wearing a white t-shirt with yellow (sort of mustard-yellow) had a basketball and net on the front. He had on a pair of dark blue track pants with 3 white stripes. I turned to talk to Sandra for a minute and saw Scotty moving through the pit...but out of the corner of my eye, I saw Scotty on the top step, ready to jump. I did a double-take.

Sure enough...there was another boy, same blonde hair in almost an identical cut, dressed EXACTLY the same as Scotty. WHAT ARE THE ODDS????

We pointed the boys out to each other...and they immediately started calling each other twin. When they stood side by side, they could easily have been fraternal twins. The other boy, named Joey, was about 3-4 inches taller and had blue eyes...but gosh, it was a blast to see them together.

In a town with 40K people, I suppose there is a distinct possibility that two people will be dressed alike, but rarely would they be in the same place (unless it's a wedding or other formal function, I suppose). I just found it funny that his mom and I both decided that outfit was the right one for playtime at the gym!


Bob-kat said...

What a coincidence! I bet you did one helluva doubletake! LOL!

Jessica said...

What are the chances? It is a small world we live in indeed! Cute Story! I love reading you blog!

Sue said...

That IS cute -- bet Scotty thought it was amazing.........I had that happen to me once. I bought what I thought was a beautiful dress for the cruise we went on several years ago. Our first "formal" dress night, I deck myself out only to find a woman with the SAME exact dress on -- of course she was skinnier and looked better but everyone said my shoes were nicer LOL......haven't worn the dress since :(

Berry Patch said...

I typically find myself dressing either my boys alike - at least the younger two anyway - or me like them. My younger sister & I did it all the time growing up - by accident no less. It was weird!