Wednesday, August 20, 2008

If you read my blog regularly....

(and comment regularly, too) and I don't have a link for you over there on the right hand side, let me know! I'll add you to a category. If you're a military blogger (spouse or servicemember) let me know to put you in the military category.

If you want to be in a specific category over there, let me know!!!


Basement Stamper said...

Linda: I'm a daily reader and I think I post quite a bit to your blog as well.

My link is


The Mrs. said...

oooh i see me i see me!

it doesnt take much to make my day. sigh. thanks!

liberal army wife said...

Me too, I have two to add.

My personal military wife blog is:

The new site - Militaryb parents zone is:


Wheezer said...

I am a frequent reader...not so frequent commenter. Add me, please!

Scott B. said...

I'm a reader!