Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Last night I went to play Bunco. Because we were actually playing on post, we "commuted" (since two of us have post access and the others don't, we thought it would be easier to just all jump into a few vehicles instead of waiting for everyone to get a visitors' pass). I was also bringing an extra table and chairs since the hostess (my friend Sandra) didn't have enough. I had 3 others in my van and I had the card table and chairs in the very back. Hindsight being foresight, I should have laid the back seats down and put the table on top, but I thought I'd have at least one more rider with me.

When we arrived, all the ladies were waiting to help carry a chair in...I opened the hatch and the table, which was up against the door, fell out...being pushed by the chairs....onto my right thigh.

It really didn't hurt first. I put some ice on it during the game (which was a BLAST!), and I was okay. I got home, put an ice pack on it for awhile and it seemed fine.

This morning I woke up and realized just how badly I'd hurt myself. This is a DEEP TISSUE bruise. You can't see it much on the surface, but I feel it down to my bone. Ugh. It hurts to walk. I will deal with it for a few more days, and if the pain doesn't subside, I'm off to the doctor. I'm pretty sure I didn't really fracture anything, as that's a pretty sturdy bone, but there could be some muscle damage.

Lesson learned. I still have to unload the table and chairs....will be done from the inside this time!


Sue said...

Ouchie -- sorry you got hurt so bad..............I was just crying about the itch from my sunburn (NOTHING will stop it and I am at work :() but you win

Surcie said...

Yikes! That must've hurt like heck!

BTW, your preschooler is darling.

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

OUCH! Did you scream real loud????

I hope it's feeling better by now.