Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 11 - Prayer for America

21. Pray for the leaders, churches and Christians of Maine and Maryland.

22. Pay for the President and Vice President, that their hearts would be guided by God, that their decisions would be wise, and that their leadership would be principled.

My Prayer:

Father God,

I can't even begin to imagine what it must feel like to be a "lame duck" president. How it must hurt to know that very little will be done to effect change at this time. Jesus must have felt this way, God. He KNEW that he had to die for our sins, but was there EVER a time when he felt like the "lame duck"? Did he think, "No matter what I do, it will all be worthless in the end."? No...He didn't because he believed in You, and knew that there was only one way to You. God, give our President and Vice President the COURAGE to stand, and continue to stand, for what they believe to be true...and to stand in Your name. Continue to give discernment to them, for they are still leaders until next year.

I pray for the states of Maine and Maryland. May the leaders of these states live by the principles that You set forth in their lives. If they don't know You, may those who who DO know You actively seek to show Your will to them. Let them be strong in conviction, but weak in fear...give them strength for commitment to You.

I ask this and all things in Your sweet name.

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