Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Meme

Outside my and rain, but much-needed
I am's a sad day, Charlie's funeral
I am thankful for...facebook...I'm connecting with people who need me!
From the kitchen Red Baron Pizzas for the kids for lunch...they loved it!
I am wearing...a lime green lace-edged t-shirt and dark blue shorts
I am creating...nothing...except in my mind
I am start packing my scrapping area this week
I am reading...The Saving Graces
I am hoping...for safe travels for Scott tomorrow
I am hearing...giggles upstairs, and a friend on the phone
Around the house...laundry going, dishes need done
One of my favorite things...fresh air, no a/c needed
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: bible study, 2 more days of no school...ugh!
Some photos to share:

Taken this weekend:

Swingin' on the Monkey Bars

David in AWE of Isabelle's skills
(my friend Stef's kids)

3 man sliding - Hannah, Isabelle and David


looking down...Scotty's hand in mine....rarely
ever get to see this anymore..

The amazement of spotting the perfect red leaf


In flight - letting go is the hardest part....

Playing on the new playground at City Park
(notice many of the pictures are at the OLD part - my kids like that better!)


Wheezer said...

Just finished The Saving Graces. Really good, but don't read too far from the tissues.

Barb said...

I love the pictures of the kids. Never-ending range of activity and expressions.

VitaminSea said...

Love the kids pics at the park. Those days are long gone for us, but the memories are airtight!
Great pics!!

p.s. I'm thankful for facebook, too! LOL When I have no desire to blog, FB is just so much easier!

saintseester said...

Those pictures are wonderful. I am now scared to jump out of swings, and I wonder when that happened?

Barb said...

It is my pleasure to tell you there is some blog bling for you at Picture This At Last!