Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 14 - Prayer for America

27. Pray for the leaders, churches and Christians of Missouri and Montana.

28. Pray for the safety of those who live in your community; specifically safety from conflict and crimes (Ps. 122:7).

Oh Father God,

I bring to you in prayer the states of MO and MT. As we grow nearer to election day, there are bound to be harsh feelings, mud-slinging, name-calling, and outright lies. Give the candidates of these states the courage to stand up for the truth that they know...and the strength to fight satan as he tries to make them use lies for personal gains. Give the Christians and churches in these states the discernment to see through all these lies and false witnesses....

God - right now in my community, crimes are being committed. A young lady, starting a new chapter in life, was murdered...another man convicted of murdering and dismembering his roommate...armed robbery against our young people. These are serious crimes, Lord...and we are hurting. There is something wrong...these people are not seeking You first and it's hard to understand why the lure of satan's promises are so much stronger than the TRUTH of Your promise of salvation. To give up the easy wrong in order to follow the hard right...Your way. God, blanket this community with love and Your light and joy to all who are lost, that they may know Your goodness and turn away from satan with a resounding "NO - get out of my life - God is here and better than you."

I pray for the families of all these victims, and those who have committed these crimes....that the families may find forgiveness in their hearts...that the victims may seek You and know You.

Humbly, I pray.


Carmi said...

Such an important wish for us all, Linda. This prayer underscores the importance of community building in ensuring safety for all.

Your caption topped all others in this week's Caption This. I just posted the new entry, and thought you'd want to be the first to know.

Hope everything else is cool with you as the new week dawns!

Berry Patch said...

I love all the prayers your posting, Linda. I just gave you a blog award. Go to my blog to check it out. ;-)

Christy said...

Just got caught up on this again. Thanks for sharing these Linda!

God Bless

David said...

so vital to pray and to "pray aloud" so that others can agree and focus their own thoughts toward the Almighty.
"God, fill us with your spirit, and teach us your ways that we may serve you and love our neighbors. "