Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Preschool Pumpkin Patch

Scotty's class went to Britt's Pumpkin Patch for a school field trip last Thursday. I was leery about it because of all the rain we'd had for days before. Not my idea of fun, traipsing through a muddy corn maze and field, hunting for the "perfect" pumpkin. But luckily, it cleared up on Wednesday, and by the time we got there in the afternoon, it was not too bad.

We started with a hayrack ride. There were several other classes from his school (there are only 8 kids in his class) along with parents, so we were crammed on pretty good.

Scotty poses on the wagon

Mrs. Judy, Scotty's preschool teacher. I am going to miss her when we leave!

The pumpkin patch is close to the airport, and we got to see a plane take off. Yes, the sky really WAS that blue!

Heading through the maze. The entrance had a lot of hay, but you still sank down in the mud beneath!

Corn in the maze - the kids were fascinated by it.

At the end of the maze (very easy, great for preschoolers), the kids were treated to a story about how pumpkins grow. Each kid got to "be" something in the play...some kids were farmers, water, pumpkins, etc. Scotty and his friend got to be pumpkin seeds.

Scotty and his pumpkin seed sign.

After the story, the kids were let loose in the pumpkin patch. We had to go quite far in to find the pumpkins, as there had been several classes there before. Scotty finally found the perfect pumpkin (for him). It was one that had NOT been cut, and we got it right off the vine, hence the very long stem on it. He was happy with his choice!

Scotty's perfect pumpkin

Creative liberty with one my my artistic shots....

After we all got our pumpkins, it was time to load back up onto the wagon.

Here is the "Sunflower Room" class and family members.

Scotty watches in awe as we pull out of the pumpkin patch.

The kids were absolutely fascinated with the deep mud under the tires of the tractor that was pulling us. I had to take pictures as well!

Here's the Sunflower Room kids, along with some family and the teachers. Notice that Scotty's got his pumpkin on his head...silly kid!

When we finished the ride, the kids were all supposed to get on the bus and go back...but for some reason, there was only one bus. Even though they still had an hour of school left, Judy asked if some of us wouldn't mind taking our kids home, or else bringing them via car, as there wasn't enough room for all the kids on the bus (they'd showed up in 2 buses). So Scotty and I stayed back, took some more creative shots, bought a big carving pumpkin and some fresh apples and green beans from the market.

Squash and gourds...these are just SO fun to look at!

Scotty with his favorite pumpkin...though there were many bigger ones!

It was a lot of fun. I never got to go with Hannah when she was in preschool. We were in Germany and Scotty was still napping during the afternoons when she went with her preschool class. And she went with her kindergarten class, but again, it was afternoons, and the boy was still napping. But I have to say that I DID take her to a pumpkin patch when she was little and I have LOTS of pictures of that...we had a lot of fun then too!


Kim said...

Sounds like you had fun. Great photos too!

Heidi said...

Fun photos! It sounds like the mud did not end up bugging you too badly.

I really like the photo of Scotty from behind with the tractor in front of him!

Hey... question. I am still leery of putting my boys' faces on my blog/the big, scary, world-wide internet. Obviously, you are good with it (and we get to see their awesomely cute smiles!). What are your feelings and attitude about it? (Maybe I need to get over my phobia.)

Berry Patch said...

That looks like a fun day. Outings like that are always great.

Barb said...

What a beautiful and fun day! Scotty is adorable! The pictures tell a great story and I like that you got pictures of all kinds of things that were part of the day, like the mud coming off the tires.

Sue said...

Looks like a great day :) -- I am sooooo very sorry to tell you that a few people I work with think Scotty looks just like pics of me when I was a child.. I really am sorry ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda:
Cute day I too might have a fancy shmancy camera! Do you print them or are you totally digital? Also, do you want a Belle dress or a Santa's elf cap and skirt for Hannah? I'm cleaning out closets.

saintseester said...

I don't believe we've been to the pumpkin farms. The only pumpkin patches I've been able to get to are the fundraisers in the church parking lots.

I like the (nearly) black and white photo.

Ali said...

What a lovely day! I am still in nap prison and I look forward to our days being "extended" a bit when we can go out in public without melting!!! It still catches me off guard to see how big your kids have gotten.

David said...

that is so cool, i need to go get my pumpkin soon...