Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Day 7 - Prayer for America

Sorry - thought I'd posted this yesterday...guess the song really hit my brain hard and I hit save instead of publish!

13. Pray for the leaders, churches and Christians of Hawaii and Idaho

14. Pray for the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Guardsmen (I'm also adding Reservists and Coasties here - they are not on the original prayer list), thanking God fir their service and asking Him to bless them with strength.

My Prayer:

Father God,

I humble myself before You tonight. There are so many people in this country who are confused and hurting, Lord. They don't know where to turn...they are unsure of who is leading them. Father, be with the leaders in the states of Hawaii and Idaho. Guide them to the strong and proper choices...not only for them, but for their states, their constituents and for You, oh Lord. Give them strong guidance...give them the knowledge they need to make the right choices, choice that will honor You.

Father, thank You SO MUCH for the rights and freedoms I enjoy. I am blessed that this is a free country, founded on Your principles. And these freedoms have not come without a cost. Father, the military might of our country is sorely being tested. Our men and women are in danger all over this world, and yet, when they know You are with them, they are not afraid. They stand in courage for the rights and freedoms they so strongly believe in...and they are the backbone of this country. Father, thank You for giving our country so many men and women who volunteer to join our military...that they do this willingly and without expecting a hero's return. Be with all of those who have left our shores to go to order to prevent danger from coming here. Thank You for showing so many Your light, when they are there...I see pictures of baptisms and I know that it is "one more for Jesus"! Thank you for my loving husband who serves, and for the many friends and families who also serve.

God, I ask that you be with 2BHCT that just deployed...specifically Vincent, Z, Nelson, Beckert, Vermeesch, and so many others. I raise these names in particular because I know them personally...but God, You know them ALL. Guard every hair on their heads, and bring them home safely. I ask that you also be with Fitzpatrick...he's been there for a bit, but he's been there over and over. You know, because You Are, that he is strong, and he will do what needs to be done...but protect him Lord, and be with his family. Give all the families strength, day by day, to make it through without their loved ones.

In Your sweet name I pray.

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Barb said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. It is my honor to return to yours, and to let others know about it.

I think the photo on my profile is misleading some readers. That is my son and me, taken in Aug 08. He is a Lt. Commander currently with the USS Eisenhower Strike Group Eight. So, I am a Navy Mom. My husband was in the Navy in the '70s but I didn't know him then. We are most definitely a Navy family!