Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Day 8 - Prayer for America

15. Pray for the leaders, churches, and Christians of Illinois and Indiana.

16. Pray for candidates for public office, that they would be moved by God to see what is honorable, just and moral.

My Prayer:

Oh Lord my God,

Today, I am here in front of You in thanks for all You have done, and what You are about to do in all the lives of the candidates running for all the various offices in this country. Be it local office, state, or national office, all of these people think they will do what is best...but for whom? God, I ask that they seek discernment to know what is true and do what is best for all the people, and not just a few. The vocal minority must not win over the silent majority. The silent majority must now speak for what they believe to be true. When the candidates for office listen to the people, they will hear Your voice.

Be with those Christian, leaders and churches in Illinois and Indiana. Give the Christians and churches a voice...a prodding to step outside the box of speak the words of truth that You have given them. Give the leaders the wisdom to make the proper decisions for their states so that all will benefit from what the states can give.

Father, thank You for this opportunity to share You with so many - I pray that people find this blog and read through the previous prayers and choose to share this with many others.

And all God's people said,

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