Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Meme

Outside my Window...sunny and COLD this's 10 a.m. and 30°.
I am thinking...I had good conversations with long-time friends on facebook last night
I am thankful for...a good real estate agent in SC who is keeping me updated on homes
From the kitchen...nothing yet, I need to go eat breakfast!
I am wearing...a pink KSU/KC Chiefs t-shirt with a HUGE breast cancer awareness ribbon on the jammies!
I am creating...a mess
I am the commissary today
I am reading...Hog Wild
I am hoping...for no allergy attacks this week
I am hearing...thuds and thumps upstairs
Around the house...laundry needs started, bathrooms need cleaned, office is a disaster
One of my favorite things...sunshiny fall days
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: cleaning, cleaning, cleaning...time to start prepping for a move


Heidi said...

I do feel for you and all the work you have ahead with the move. Best wishes for all of that!

Who has allergies? That's too bad.

Stay warm! (Although, I think it will be a little better by the end of the week for Halloween.)

Suzanne said...

Well you're way ahead of me today! In a way I envy the temperature.

Glad to hear you're going to the comissary on a Monday! Ours is open on Mondays too, and I find it rather nice! I think all comissaries should be open on Mondays.

Jessica said...

This is such a good idea! I should start doing these on Monday!