Friday, October 24, 2008

Random bits and pieces...

not a lot, but some photos I wanted to share:

The "tubes" at Tuttle Creek Reservoir were full open...well, one tube's an artistic take on it:

f36 for this one!

Sailboat on Tuttle Creek Reservoir

One of my favorite sights here, the hay bale rolls in a field.

The next few shots are from today, at the Kansas State University Homecoming Parade (the 1ID band marched, so I was there, of course)

You KNOW he's gonna break a lot of hearts...had all the college and sorority girls melting today!

The KSU Marching Band...they're HUGE...the twirlers were in front of me and the tubas had just turned the corner...and THEY were in the MIDDLE of the band. We got to see them perform last Saturday night...350 members on the field. I will edit the photos and post some...they are FANTASTIC!

One of our very favorite "Punch Buggie" cars that we see around town all the time. It's always a treat when we spot this cute little bug toodling around town!

And Oh MY! We had a VERY special was Sarah Palin! Or was it Tina Fey? OR Sarah Palin AS Tina Fey? OR someone who looks a lot like BOTH of them???? I was amazed at how much this woman looked like Sarah, in any case!


saintseester said...

I love marching bands.

rennratt said...

The Merry Maid vehicles in our area are all pink. I wonder if it's a regional code?

Ali said...

Your pictures are always so amazing!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved seeing this girl as Sarah Palin! And the John guy was funny too! He was rocking to the music in the parking lot. They looked like they were having lots of fun. I got some pictures taken with them.