Saturday, December 06, 2008

I haven't...

really done a "countdown" here on my blog...

But seriously...2 weeks from today, I will be in a car driving (or, at this time, since this is a late post...I will be in a hotel resting) on my way to PA...we will technically be homeless.


only two more Sundays of church left.

10 more school days for the kids

packers and movers come in 7 days

still have a luncheon, change of command and bible study to attend. My last for each of these.

The Change of Command for Scott is on Tuesday, December 9. It's supposed to be held....OUTDOORS. Don't ask...I don't feel like ranting about this again, seriously. I'll be bundled to the hilt - that big fuzzy Steelers blanket is gonna be on my lap, Laurie B. Those extra warm red and black mittens will be on my hands, Cheryl. My really warm and fuzzy brown scarf, won at Bunco last year, will be wrapped around my neck. My Land's End Squall jacket zipped all the way up. Ear warmers...or maybe a cap...something will be on my head. But I'll be there because this is MY husband, and I'll support him, even if someone had a really DUMB idea.

But oh my...with a few exceptions, I will truly miss this place. I've made wonderful friends...attended a wonderful church and grown immensely while here, and built my church family along with that growth.

I WON'T miss in a duplex and having the messed-up driveway from hades, where you have to knock on the neighbor's door to have them move their car out of THEIR driveway so you can get out. in a duplex...sharing a wall with a family who liked to play their tv and video games on surround sound...and had a 10 year old who kicked the bedroom wall in his sleep...or sharing a wall with 3 college-aged boys who had no respect for us at all...blocked driveways, constant noise...or the NEW next-door neighbors who have, without fail, been out on their deck EVERY Monday or Tuesday 3:00 a.m., smoking and grilling. Because their deck is 10 feet from my bedroom window. right next to a construction site that has been a pain in my butt since it started last year. Noise...dirt....white tin roof glaring into my windows...cable company tapping into an already-over tapped line and jacking up my internet and workers stealing my water. off a dirt road with perpetual dust clouds hanging over everything.
...a city council whose favorite thing to do is rezone R1 and R2 into PUD's...and allow all sorts of construction that just should not be. evening paper that is so pathetically thin.
...a paper that has rarely ever been delivered by the time it was supposed to be
...a Sunday paper without REAL color comics...the kind you pull and and take to the bathroom with you! Saturday paper, and a Sunday paper so skimpy that it reminded me of the Atlanta Record-Journal's MONDAY edition.

....there's much more, and as it comes to mind, I might just post it.

or not.

If you don't hear much from me, you'll know why.


rennratt said...

Call me when you make your way through NC.

I'm emailing you my phone number.

Perhaps a home cooked dinner is in order? If it's too far to drive, we can at least meet at the Cracker Barrel for lunch/dinner.

Seriously. The offer stands.

Barbara said...

I have to admit that the only thing that really popped out at me when I read your post was the Steeler blanket that you will have. Yeah, I'm definitely from Pittsburgh!

Kim said...

Hey Linda,
I've missed seeing your posts. And when you're in SC, let us know if there is anything you need. We're only an hour south of Columbia. If you need somewhere to stay or just somewhere to hang out for a while, let us know. Ed and I will be happy to help out! :)

Army Wife said...

Safe traveling, may you stay sane, especially over the holiday

Berry Patch said...

brrr...brrr...brrr!!! It's just above freezing here today & I'm cold just sitting in the house. I can't imagine being outside in the really cold for that long. Yikes! Take care - travel safe - and keep us posted. :-) Prayers coming your way for all of those things....

Debbie said...

Wow, Linda, I knew you were moving in December, but I guess my mind didn't make it real...just a bit before Christmas.

Prayers that everything goes smoothly along the know, PA isn't that far from here! :-)