Saturday, February 14, 2009

...upon where I secure a new license....

in SC.

I went to register Scotty for kindergarten this week. I had been waiting until we got our first official utility bill in order to do this (proof of residency and all). I'd also received a note from the school requesting this "proof" for Hannah as well, since she'd been registered under a provisional approval from the school board. We got our first gas bill from SCE&G this week, so I took the opportunity to go on Wednesday, when Scotty was well enough to go to school after fighting a high fever for several days.

I walk in there with my packet of papers (the same stuff I'd used for Hannah). I was politely told that I needed a SC driver's license with the same address that was on the bill. Well, I didn't HAVE an SC license, since I had 30 days from the date of residency to secure one. As we had only moved in on the 27th of January, I really had till the end of February. And I was, of course, waiting "proof of residency" before I got my license. I was all in a tizzy because they were going to send me away. I didn't understand why they bothered to let me register Hannah.

Ah, but there was hope in the office that day. One of the women, a military spouse herself, came and said they would accept the provisional approval that I'd secured for Scotty (for preschool - I was told earlier that it couldn't be used for kindergarten since it had 4-K on it, but apparently, they COULD use it). They went ahead and processed his registration, and there was an even BIGGER blessing there. I was getting his IEP set, and all the people I needed to see/talk to were in! So we have the ball rolling on that part as well. But I was advised that I do need to get my SC license quickly.

So...I went the next day (Thursday). Luckily, an employee at Kohl's told me I needed my paper Social Security card. I don't ever carry it with me (identity theft and all that). I have all my important papers in a big manilla envelope (this has all our birth certificates, SSN cards, marriage license, passports, naturalization certificate, etc., in it. It is really handy to have all this one one place so that when needed, you can just grab it. We threw this envelope in Scott's backpack the night the tornado hit Manhattan. We had everything at our fingertips!). I decided that it would just be easier to grab the envelope than to dig for the SSN card.

It's a good thing I did.

Now, mind you, being a military wife, I've held licenses in many states. I've had a Maine, Nebraska, Connecticut, New York, Georgia, Mil-International, and KS license (I've held ME and GA twice, lol). And it's never been an issue to get a new license. Heck, GA just went ahead and pulled my old number and gave it to me the 2nd time around...I think Maine did too! Usually, with most states, you present your out-of-state license, another proof of idenity (usually the military ID card) you take an eye test, and you get issued your new license.

South Carolina...not so easy. They asked for: my old license, my SSN card, my Birth Certificate, proof of residency, and my marriage license (if you're married). Because my birth certificate was issued in another country (Canada), they wanted my naturalization certificate or "green card". Seriously. I am surprised they didn't ask for a blood sample and a fingerprint.

Luckily, they said they would accept the passport in lieu of the birth certificate, marriage license and naturalization certificate.

I was really surprised at the lengths I had to go through to get my license here. And did you know, you're supposed to provide proof of insurance, unless you swear that you or anyone else in your family does NOT own a vehicle.

But I am officially a South Carolina resident...even registered to vote!


Kim said...

Geez! I knew about the proof of insurance, but I didn't realize you would need all that other stuff! WOW! Glad to hear you're a fellow South Carolinian!
Didn't make it to the zoo today...with Valentine's Day and all. Not sure about next weekend either, but I'll let you know. Can't wait to see you! ;)

Suzanne said...

Wow, they sure want it all. I would have expected something like that from California before SC. Don't ya just love all the red tape? I would have been the one rescheduling, walking out without my license because I never would have had all that stuff on the first go-round.

Berry Patch said...

Bob went to get his licence RENEWED & drove all the way to Augusta (because it was due in August & he forgot about it until December LOL). They wanted proof of US citizenship AND state residency. Apparently, proving you live in MAINE - which last I checked was part of the US - didn't count. He had to go back another day with his birth certificate. They are certainly making this harder for everyone. Sounds like it ended up working out for you to have all that stuff in one place. Great idea btw.

Barbara said...

For the first time ever I'm going to get a driver's license in another state. In order to get the financial benefits of living in Alaska, you need to become a resident and that means getting an Alaska driver's license. I'm a little depressed about it (lol!). Not only do I have to take a vision test but also a written test. I barely passed my PA test. I'm not looking forward to this one!

Bethany said...

I had to have my Ohio DL, my birth certificate, my SS card, my Military ID, and proof of my vehicle insurance. Geesh! But, I guess that they want to make sure that only LEGAL citizens get the darn thing. And I can't fault them there. It just makes it a "not so fun" process. Jumping through hoops and cutting red tape is SO much fun - LOL!

Gwen said...

TN was the easiest to switch DL for me. AL was a pain in the patootie. And can I openly admit, I've lived in this state for two and a half years and have just kept my AL license? Does that make me a rebel?

Bob-kat said...

That all sounds like needless bureaucracy to me. Why do you have to show your marriage licence to get a drivers licence? It makes no sense when single people don't have to prove they are single. What on earth does your marital status have to do with your ability to drive?!!! (Sorry, I hate mindless bureaucracy). Glad you got it all sorted though :)

The Mrs. said...

NY like you said, was a breeze. But at least you all good and legal down there now!