Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Attention Commissary Workers...

Thank you for your service. I realize that you are probably not making a lot of money, and I am well aware that the baggers work for tips only. So, let me tell YOU something:

You're working there because I shop there. If I (and others like me) didn't shop there, you wouldn't have a job there, now would you?

So, using that logic, please, don't EVER again tell me how to load the belt. I don't CARE if you prefer to run the belt and have things constantly rolling toward you. *I* prefer to load the belt in the way I would like my food bagged, thankyouverymuch. I want my things together, and I will unload my cart that way. Don't tell me to move my cart back and load from the back because you're too lazy to deal with neatly stacked groceries. Did you see the look of compassion on my face? NOT LIKELY...as I was not worried about how to make your life easier.

I was thinking about how I wanted things bagged...I have 5 recyclable bags...so please load the flat and dry stuff in there...no frozen or potatoes (I've lost a few recyc bags because of potatoes, so I know from whence I speak). No cold things either...they tend to sweat on the 45 minute drive home, and render the recyc bags useless. I was also thinking about the fact that I had minimal time in which to deal with bagging and loading...so the fact that I had to MOVE all my things for you made me less than compassionate, okay?

And I do love the baggers...the old men and women who served our country and tell stories...but again, I'm on a time constraint...I have limited time and would LOVE to hear your stories, but please, when I ask you to hurry (especially since it's pouring down rain and lightning and thundering and I'm being kind and holding an umbrella over your head and the carry-out cart so my bags don't get drenched as well), please do so. And for the love of pete...don't put recyc bags on the wet ground. Now I only have FOUR useable bags...yeah, they're cheap, only a buck a piece, but guess what? That buck will come out of your tip...sorry.

** This is why I only go to the commissary once (or less) a month. Aside from the fact that it is 45 minutes away (yes, I am well aware that we CHOSE to live out this far away), it is a poorly organized commissary (I've been to enough to know what organized is...Ft. Riley has it going on, commissary-wise), and there are really only 2 good days to go...Tuesday and Wednesday. Woe be to those who shop Thursday or Friday (BCT graduations...parent/family day...it is a madhouse then!)...and if payday falls on Tuesday or Wednesday, oh well...you lose.

I've been trying to do most of my shopping locally, but when I run out of meat, I need to go shopping....sigh.


Melissa Sue said...

Ah, the joys of the commissary! We went yesterday, too. I'd also add that if you want to stay sane, you should avoid the commissary from about 4:30 until closing, since everybody seems to stop by then to pick up "one or two things" on the way home. :)

Christy said...

Ugh. I do miss Ft. Riley's commissary, for the size. I wouldn't trade our baggers or cashiers, love all of them. I've only had an issue with one bagger who bagged so insanely that I told him if he saw me coming up, not to even bother coming to the register, because I'd bag my groceries before I allowed him to. I do have my favorite, she's actually friends with Petra and lives in the same town as Petra. She's my very favorite and then there's a man who always does an awesome job and doesn't try to chat too much, just enough to be friendly without going overboard! I love all our cashiers, they're all so nice! Now if only they'd have built us a new commissary a few years ago. Oh well, I go to Schweinfurt and theirs pretty well has everything ours doesn't that I want.

But in my long winded way...AMEN sister. I can't believe they had the nerve to tell you how to UNLOAD your cart!

Ali said...

I love your blog! I can hear you tell your stories as only you can!!!

Dixie said...

Hi Linda
I remember when I was little going to the commissary with my mother. One time the checker got mad at Mother because she hadn't unloaded the groceries with the price tag (you know that little sticker that used to have the price on it before barcodes came into existence...:)facing up. After that, we ALWAYS had the pricetags facing up. They can be militant.

The Mrs. said...

Ah the commissary. I love it but the baggers do drive me a little nutty. First I like to put my own bags in the car, I too have a 45 min drive and I like to put my cold stuff and meat in an insulated bag all together. You know so I dont get food poisoning later.

Really I've vomited enough lately I'm good for years.

Also whats with putting one onion in its own bag? Or the bananas on the bottom and then 3 pounds of apple on top of them? Or again, one bag of oreos in a lone bag? Come on people... THINK!